ESPN's First Take Welcomes Cari Champion to Loudest Debate on Sports TV

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 1, 2012

Photo Credit: Cari Champion Website
Photo Credit: Cari Champion Website

Cari Champion is that lovely lady between the two shouting heads on First Take

Just FYI. 

If you watch First Take regularly, I imagine your senses are quite desensitized, so I will forgive you if you failed to see the new host of the loudest program in sports television on Monday. 


First Take Gig 

Some may say that this is the easiest job in the industry. It's kind of like feeding Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera soft toss, lobbing up balls as they crush them out of the stadium. 

That is, if Trout were Skip Bayless and Miggy were Stephen A. Smith, and these baseballs were ridiculous opinions. 

Champion finally had her first day of work on the show that is all about two men being passionate about every single last minutiae of the biggest sports stories of the day. I am talking Samuel L. Jackson not liking snakes on a plane passionate. 

It may have been a little tough to notice Champion on day one because her duty as host is to start the conversation and bow out to Bayless and Smith, kind of like throwing a grenade in a room and ducking out. 

Those who stayed on the channel for the hours it is on Monday morning may have noticed the new host and wondered just who she was. 

We are here to quell that curiosity into some knowledge. 


Cari Champion: Rising Star

Before Champion was moderating the silliest debate on TV, she was enjoying quite the rise to prominence on other networks. 

She has been featured on entertainment news shows like The Insider and has been featured on Hollywood 411 and Starz. 

Most recently, the host was with the Tennis Channel where she served as both an anchor and reporter. ESPN's Press Release has more on the woman who has been all across the nation reporting. 

Champion has worked across the country covering network news, entertainment, and sports stories of national interest for ABC, CBS, NBC and other cable networks.  A native of Southern California, Champion graduated from UCLA and moved to West Virginia for her first reporting job.  She then moved to Florida where she covered the Williams sisters’ superstar status in tennis and quickly created a name for herself which allowed her to cover more nationally televised events.

Now this rising star will sit comfortably between two supernovas. The debates and discussions will continue to be dominated by Smith and Bayless. 

There is hardly enough room on this show for the both of them, let alone a third person with thoughts on a particular subject. 

So don't expect Champion to do much more than moderate the insanity. From time to time, Champion will chime in with thoughts or to change the subject. 

Consider her a breath of fresh air on this show, and now the best friend to anyone who continues to watch First Take


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