The Worst Decisions from Week 4 of the NFL

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterOctober 1, 2012

One of the greatest parts about being a football fan is that we get to pick apart what coaches do after every game and argue about it all week before another game comes along and gives us a whole new set of arguments. 

But sometimes, there's very little to argue about. Sometimes, coaches make a decision and it is so mind-numbingly bad that everyone agrees it was a terrible decision and continues on with their day. 

That's what the video above is dedicated to: those decisions made by coaches and executives this week that left me scratching my head and, I'm willing to bet, left you doing the same. 

From Ron Rivera losing his nerve in Atlanta to Mike McCarthy throwing away challenges like they were confetti up in Green Bay, head coaches were in fine form when it came to making calls that had fans throwing things at their televisions. 

But it's not all head coaches. Coordinators and even the NFL head office at 345 Park Avenue got in on the act of making terrible decisions.