Smackdown's Rumor Mill For Next Friday

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 6, 2009

Here it is the line-up unless they change their minds again.

Still haven't forgiven them from withdrawing the Dark match reunion of DX vs. Legacy,
here we go:

Edge vs. Kofi Kingston
Winner: Edge
Are we seeing the beginning of  a new story line between the ever opportunistic Edge and Kingston? Keep in mind the lead up to this match, with the vicious attack by a desperate Edge on Kingston at No Way Out .

Miz and Morrison vs. Carlito and Primo.
Winners: Miz and Morrison. Looks like the winners get the divas as The Bella Twins did leave with Miz and Morrison.

The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin and Chavo Guerrero vs. R-Truth and MVP.

Winner: The Gold Standard and Chavo. Will R-Truth and MVP join forces to challenge Carlito and Primo for their WWE Tag Team championships or have they got their eyes on Miz and Morrison? Do we go back to the boring story line of MVP's endless futile chase of the United States championship.

I am liking what I am see from Matt Hardy. He certainly has taken to this dark role well to the extent of cutting a promo in which he pulls out Jeff's dead dog collar—which resulted in Jeff finally coming out and calling his brother twisted and attacking him.

Moving on to the Diva's

Maria and women's champion Melina vs. Diva champion Maryse and Michelle McCool Winners: Maria and women's champion Melina, a cat fight developed between Maryse and McCool after Maryse got pinned.

Money In The Bank qualifier
Finlay vs. The  Brian Kendrick Winner : Finley

Undertaker vs Vladimir Koslov Winner: Undertaker.

Dark Match: Edge won a Triple Threat Match over Matt and Jeff Hardy.