catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

last ecw had a great main event what show me a match that should be good: john Morrison vs christian. why not??? 

the last ecw main event was a very good match that's what main even should be. and in lats part of the match only for a few minutes i saw a very good match what should be before wrestlemania I'm talking john Morrison vs christian. 

the last minutes john vs christian show what they are great wrestler and their great skills. i listened one of the commentator saying john and christian have very similars styles and i wanna see that. this match have never happened before and the short time i see it show me what a great match it could be. 

christian hes the experience with hIm and Morrison is a promising wrestler who in this years with wwe show us that he will be big and if wwe out that together will have a great match between two young superstars.

i hope wwe see that and make possible this match becouse it will be a good change and some new who im sure the fans will enjoy.