New York Yankees' Spring Training: Game 10 Grades

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

The New York Yankees beat the Detroit Tigers by a score of 7-3. There are mostly good grades to go around.


Ramiro Pena—A

A young player from the Yankees farm system made quite an impression tonight going 2-for-2 with one run scored and one RBI. Keep up the good work young fella.

CC Sabathia—A

Not a bad outing for Sabathia. He let in a run but it was because of an error. He pitched two innings giving up no earned runs and he struck out two while giving up two hits.

Cody Ransom—B

He's going to have to show the New York Yankee management that they don't need to trade for a third baseman. He had a good night going 1-for-3 with one run scored.

Nick Swisher—C

I gave Nick a C yesterday as well. He likes these C grades. He didn't get a hit but he drove in a run and walked.

Angel Berroa—C-

He went 1-for-3 and made an error that led to an unearned run for CC Sabathia. I almost gave Berroa a D grade because of his error but he did get a hit.

Steven Jackson—F

Giving up two earned runs on two hits and walking a batter in 1.1 inning is just not going to cut it. This warrants an F grade. The 27-year-old was pretty good in Scranton last year but he better hurry. Time is running out on his career.

Player of the Game: Ramiro Pena

Johnny Damon had a good game but I can't list every one. Pena was the only batter that batted a 1.000 so I'm giving him the player of the game.


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