WWE: Why 3 Hours of Raw Has Been a Success

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2012

WWE: Why 3 Hours of Raw Has Been a Success

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    WWE Raw has been a success ever since the company started broadcasting for three hours.

    WWE’s flagship program has created a great show from top to bottom. It couldn’t have come at a better time considering the level of competition they go against on Mondays from other networks.

    Raw is moving along quite nicely under the three-hour format. What is making it successful?

    Let’s find out why three hours of Raw is a success for the WWE.

More Time for Storylines

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    The WWE had many wrestlers floundering with two hours of Raw. It didn’t help when Smackdown superstars started appearing on Raw on a daily basis.

    The three-hour format helps establish more storylines with more stars. Now, midcard wrestlers are getting time on the card. More wrestlers are establishing themselves with the time given and making the most of it.

    Guys like Damian Sandow are receiving much-needed time to show their skill and character.

    The three-hour format has also created new superstars. The Prime Time Players, Ryback and Brodus Clay might not have gotten the exposure they are getting now with the extra hour. Guys like Zack Ryder, who has floundered back into an unimportant role, have found their way back to recognition on Raw.

    The three hours brings more time to those superstars who need it.

Pay-Per-View for Free

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    It creates a pay-per-view free of charge for fans.

    People can watch wrestling for three hours and can enjoy it. Important matches are being made on Raw that dictate who will be important to the WWE.

    We saw Dolph Ziggler defending his Money in the Bank briefcase over Chris Jericho’s career. We've seen numerous title matches on Raw, with the tag team titles recently being put on the line.

    The Intercontinental Title was the first title defended on Raw under the three-hour broadcast, with The Miz beating Christian for the title.

    The three-hour Raw has also allowed superstars and legends to return, such as—most recently—Mick Foley. Who knows what other surprises Raw could bring now?

Tag Team Wrestling

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    It’s no secret the tag team division is making a comeback.

    With new tag teams forming and more tag team matches, the division looks strong again. They’re given time to get fans invested.

    New champions Kane and Daniel Bryan provide intrigue thanks to their unlikely alliance and volatile relationship. Now, every tag team seems to be gunning for them.

    A tag team tournament is in place, and some matches will likely appear on Raw. One thing’s for sure: Three hours of Raw has helped the tag team division become meaningful again.

Quality Singles Matches

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    How many one-on-one matches have been of top-notch quality recently on Raw?

    Jericho and Ziggler put on a classic free TV match. Recently, Ziggler and Kofi Kingston put on another classic as well.

    Plus, the first main event under the regularly scheduled three-hour broadcast saw a great match between CM Punk and John Cena that ended without a decision.

    Even Sandow and Ryder had a lengthy match a few weeks ago. The matches under the three-hour format have raised the quality of singles matches with everyone on the card.

    One-on-one contests can only get better from here.

Relevant WWE Titles

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    Every WWE title seems to be relevant again.

    The WWE and World Titles have have never looked more prestigious in recent memory. The midcard titles are slowly being taken seriously again. Even the Divas Title is getting better with more time to develop.

    Little by little, every title can be taken seriously again. The three hours has given more notoriety to each title by giving each more time in the spotlight.

    So the upshot is that each title can now be developed into an important WWE title again. And that’s a good thing for the wrestlers and fans.