The Real Power in Our Films Today

Paul BentleyContributor IMarch 6, 2009

I think it's great how we get to see our favorite superstars in films, not just in the ring; now we have this new film "The Wrestler."

Now please correct me if I'm a bit wrong here, but I heard a rumor that Y2J Chris "Big Mouth" Jericho is going to be challenging Mickey Rourke, who starred in the film to a match at Wrestlemania, I mean how dare he.

Oh I'm sorry, I suppose he thinks he's a hypocrite as well, the only hypocrites I reckon is himself, like he thinks he has the right to keep on coming out to the ring week in week out, calling all us fans hypocrites.

I think its about high time that someone put Y2J firmly in his lonely place, personally I think Mickey Rourke will win the match with ease, I'm sure he could find the upper hand quickly.

It was just typical of Y2J, he makes this so called "big" return titled he's here to "SAVE US", then he changes it to "SAVE ME", because he seems to be fed up by being second rate, or not getting the respect that he deserves, "Well, Chris you're going the wrong way about," It's about time someone just please shut him the hell up, (not to use his own quote, mind you).

I think we can all agree that each Wrestlemania each year gets bigger and better than the last year's event, maybe that's because it only happens once a year, I have noticed there are always follow up matches leading to the event which is good for story lines.


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