WWE: Ranking Which Team Should Win the Tag Team Tournament

Ross Bentley@@imrossbentleySenior Analyst ISeptember 30, 2012

WWE: Ranking Which Team Should Win the Tag Team Tournament

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    Recently, the WWE has finally decided to start paying serious attention to its tag team division.

    With two former world champions Daniel Bryan and Kane serving as champions, and plenty of new teams in the mix, the tag division is looking stronger than it has at any point in the last several years.

    Smartly, the WWE has decided to showcase this division by having a tournament featuring the eight top teams on the roster to determine who the No. 1 contenders will be for Hell in a Cell, while Bryan and Kane continue with their anger management storyline.

    I have been hoping they would do something like this to really show off the new teams and create excitement for the division and what better way to do it than a good old-fashioned tournament.

    The only question now is, which team should win it? 

    With Bryan and Kane likely only to serve as short-term champions before moving back into singles action, the winners of the tournament will likely serve as the new champions in the near future.

    On SmackDown this week, The Usos were eliminated after being defeated by The Rhodes Scholars, so only seven teams now remain. 

    Here is the ranking of those seven teams of which team should come out on top. 

7. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

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    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth had a solid reign as tag team champions, but in spite of their decent in-ring chemistry, they never really got the crowd behind them and never seemed like a real team, but just two singles competitors thrown together.

    Kofi had a memorable match this week on Raw against Dolph Ziggler, and both wrestlers could benefit from a singles push.

    Because of that, having them win this tournament would make little sense.

    They already have been defeated twice by Daniel Bryan and Kane, and having a third match between the teams would be rather useless. 

    With all of the new teams gaining steam in the tag division, it is time for the old champs to move on. 

6. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

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    Another team that just seems as though they are two singles wrestlers thrown together is that of Santino Marella and Zack Ryder.

    If the WWE really committed to making them a permanent tag team, then they could thrive in the division, considering the popularity of both men on their own.

    Still, Marella and Ryder have both had shots in the last month at the United States championship, and they will likely continue to serve as mid-carders for the foreseeable future. Therefore, having them win the tag team tournament wouldn't make much sense.

    On top of that, Marella and Ryder are much less established than some other teams in the tournament, so their chances of winning are unlikely, as they should be. 

5. Primo and Epico

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    I actually am a big fan of the team of Primo and Epico in the ring, and their reign as tag team champions earlier this year, in my mind was underrated.

    However considering the star power of other teams in this tournament, they should not be receiving the push of winning the whole thing at this point. 

    Primo and Epico are an exciting enough duo in the ring (and we all love Rosa Mendes), but the problem is their lack of a real established identity.

    The team seems to be switched back and forth from heel to face at will and when they are heels, they rarely do much to establish any heat. 

    Considering they open up the tournament against the undefeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, don't expect Primo and Epico to be involved in this tournament for too long. 

4. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

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    Much like Primo and Epico, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd can bring it in the ring, and the two of them may be the most exciting team to watch in the tag division.

    I would love to see Kidd and Gabriel get some real on-screen time to show off against some quality opponents in the near future, even if it means them eventually jobbing.

    Having said that, they lack the recognition and the charisma of the top three teams on this list, which is why they rank so low.

    Kidd seemed as though he would be splitting away from Gabriel and getting a singles push earlier in the summer, but that faded out quickly, and his lack of ability on the mic may mean he will be stuck in the tag team division.

    Fortunately for him, with Triple H revamping it, that may not be such a bad thing, and hopefully he and Gabriel get a reign as champions someday in the near future. 

3. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

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    Teaming up Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio was a great idea by the WWE.

    After both men failed to capture The Miz's Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions, they now seem totally committed to the tag team division, and in the long run, it will likely eventually lead to the much anticipated "passing of the torch" match between these two.

    For now, however, whatever steam they were both losing in singles competition is masked (no pun intended) when tagging with each other, and both men seem to be thriving in the new environment.

    They are easily the top pure babyface tag team right now, and the great thing about that is, that they can get into real feuds with many of the teams on this list, even if it doesn't involve the tag titles. 

2. The Prime Time Players

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    Although I was skeptical that the Prime Time Players would lose too much momentum after the firing of their manager A.W., the team has not only been able to survive, but even thrive since going on their own.

    The new look intense attitude also seems to be serving the team well (although admittedly it works better with Titus O'Neil than Darren Young), but still mixing in their "millions of dollars" chant and their other antics makes them one of the most entertaining teams in the WWE right now.

    Neither of the Prime Time Players likely has too high of a ceiling as a singles competitor in the WWE, so they could be a team who is around for a long time.

    If they come up short in the tournament, I would love seeing their feud with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara advance, but if they win it, look for the Prime Time Players to pick up their first of several tag team championships at Hell in a Cell. 

1. The Rhodes Scholars

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    Quite simply, the best pick right now that the WWE could make to win the tag team tournament, is the Rhodes Scholars, which consists of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

    The pairing may have been a little unexpected, but it makes total sense, as they are two of the best up and coming heels the WWE has to offer and could easily both be future world champions.

    Sandow is brilliant on the mic and perfectly executes his "superior" character, while Rhodes has been improving drastically the last few years and brought back prestige to the Intercontinental Championship in 2011.

    Until they are ready for the main event however, a long and sustainable reign, or multiple reigns, as tag team champions will help jump-start their careers.

    Considering that they are the only team who currently has a feud with Kane and Daniel Bryan, and they are the only team to advance already to the semi-finals, their chances of winning seem particularly high.

    If they do go on to win, they would make for outstanding tag team champions.