Rising from the Ashes: Recapping and Renewing Morale

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

HELLO Bleacher Report!

I've been away due to family reasons, but that's all in the past, it's time to light this place on fire again! If you don't like it, STOP CRYING.

This isn't just a return article, this is a recap to the things I was saying before I vanished...and I was mostly right!

A few days or so before I went off the net, I wrote an article, "STOP CRYING: Super Cena? Screw That!" Talking about how all of you cry and moan about Cena holding the title, and never dropping it.

I don't hate him as much as you guys, but I also praised how he would put over guys, and then he dropped the title to Edge, who saw it coming? Me, I didn't say it, but I figured that a WM without Edge as champion this year after all the trials to get here, Edge would have to be champ in some sorts.

I wrote a preview article about the Hardy feud basically bursting the bubble that it was a "What about me" feud, DING DING DING! It's an entertaining feud, and Jeff's whole anti-feud outlook is interesting, but I want some *#&ing action already!

I'm almost certain that in some comments or my first STOP CRYING article that Christian was good for ECW, and that he woulnd't win the ECW title because he knows the big picture and why he's here, to make money and have good time for himself, not to interject himself into the Edge Hardy situation (which now is completely dissolved).

I'm not here to do a whole "Heel writer" gimmick crap like some writers, *cough* Joe *Cough* Give *Cough* It Up *Cough*. The whole Assasian's writer's guild is just another way to sip some more of "Joe's Ol' Fashion Kool-aid," if you know what I mean.

I'm back to give some good articles, shut some people up, and take names!

I'm Back Baby Whoo!