Saints vs. Packers: Winners and Losers from the Week 4 Loss

Jason Bernos@Berns247Contributor IIOctober 1, 2012

Saints vs. Packers: Winners and Losers from the Week 4 Loss

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    Well, what else can you do?

    The New Orleans Saints played their best game of the year on Sunday, but it was still a mistake-filled performance that ended with another loss.

    It was another sloppy game in regard to the amount of penalties being thrown New Orleans' way, but the offense played a better game as a whole compared to any other game of the year.

    The Saints defense went from terrible to semi-terrible, making up for some of their miscues by actually turning the ball over in their favor. It's a sliver of hope, but it's something to keep your eyes off of the fact that Aaron Rodgers threw for four touchdowns on them. 

    There was still plenty of "losers" to pick from in this game, but there were some obvious winners in this one. Let's take a look at these.

Winner: Drew Brees

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    It took until Week 4 for Drew Brees to show up in this section, but, boy, did he look like the "Brees of old" or what?

    He went 35-of-54, with 446 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. Great production.

    You know the only problem with that? That performance ended in a L. 

    Brees was deadly accurate versus the Packers, and his numbers would have shown that had there not been a lot of drops. He can only do so much when the play-callers still rely on his arm and forget about any semblance of a running game.

    This could be a game that gets Brees going, though. Let's hope it rubs off on others.

Loser: The Saints Play-Callers

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    It doesn't matter who's calling the plays. They are terrible.

    And you are naive if you think Aaron Kromer has given Pete Carmichael full play-calling control. He has some say-so in this as well, but that still wouldn't make up for the fact that this team makes maddeningly stupid decisions during games.

    The Saints were inside the 3-yard line on a drive that should have ended with New Orleans completing it with a touchdown that would have tied the game up on the opening possession of the second half. Instead, three passing plays are called in a row, and it ends on a field goal.

    I mean, really?

    You have five running backs on your team, and you still can't find the time to use them? Even when you are up six points at the end of the game? Nope, you proceed to throw three passes to complete a three-and-out on a critical fourth-quarter possession.

    Whenever that "oversight" is corrected, look for the Saints to mark their first notch in the win column this season.

Winner: Marques Colston

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    A week after calling Colston out, among others, he shows up in a big way.

    He was not among the receivers who had drops on this day. He also seemed like he was open all day.

    It looked like Green Bay defenders didn't want to be anywhere around him.

    That worked for Colston, as he grabbed a season high in receptions and yards and also added a touchdown to boot.

    He got back to normal in these game, and, hopefully, it's a trend and not an aberration.

Loser: David Thomas/Garrett Hartley

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    There were other things that contributed to this loss. A lot of things, actually, but the things that will be looked at the most after this one will be the last couple of plays that the Saints offense was on the field.

    Thomas' blatant hold on Hartley's first attempt, that was good, was a killer because it turned a 43-yard attempt into a 53-yard one. That would have been a rough attempt for a kicker who doesn't go into the 50s range much, even though his career long is 53.

    Then, on that 53-yard try, the Packers give five yards back on an encroachment penalty. 

    So, it goes back to under 50, where Hartley made it cleanly, with room, from 43 yards a moment ago, and he proceeds to miss it and end the game.

    That's the second missed field goal in as many weeks in games where the margin of victory has been three points or less.

    I wouldn't be surprised if John Kasay isn't signed back to the team this week. If for nothing else then to let Hartley know that he's on thin ice.

Winner: Joe Morgan

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    Morgan makes the last "winner" spot because of his first career touchdown reception, even though it was his only catch of the game.

    He shows why the Saints love him so much, and that is because of that deep speed.

    It also helps when defenders for the other team forget that you are running a route, but, hey, we'll take whatever we can get.

    If he can keep this up consistently, New Orleans might have found their next deep threat to take the top off of a defense. 

Loser: Chris Ivory

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    How can you be a "loser" if you haven't been active for the first four weeks of the season?

    By being healthy, available and nonexistent in any of the Saints' offensive plans.

    This man needs to be traded, ASAP.

    Not for the reason of poor play, but because you are a team that is wasting roster spots on running backs when you only run the ball 10 percent of the time.

    Trade Ivory off to a team that he can contribute to. It's truly a shame and embarrassment that he is still on the roster.