So, What Is Bleacher Report? Well, B/R Is...- 50 Definitions For This Great Site

Travis BriscoleContributor IMarch 7, 2009

Bleacher Report, the open source sports network. That's what the B/R logo says on it.

But what exactly does "the open source sports network" mean? That is a fairly general statement that basically any sports website could make.

But Bleacher Report isn't any ordinary sports website. It's a treasure that each of us users has stumbled upon. So to explain what B/R truly is, I made a list of 50 definitions for this amazing site.

So, what is Bleacher Report? Well, Bleacher Report...

  1. Is the place for fan-journalists to create and critique high-quality sports analysis.
  2. Is very opinionated.
  3. Is the largest growing online sports website open to the public.
  4. Features great writers.
  5. Allows us to cool down after a tough day at the office or school.
  6. Is accessible on any computer.
  7. A town of sports nerds.
  8. The foundation of many writers' careers in journalism.
  9. Has Ken Rosenthal as a member! If you haven't heard of Ken, check out his profile.
  10. Is split into six writer rankings: Member, contributor, scribe, analyst, columnist, and senior writer.
  11. Members that aren't senior writers themselves idolize those who are.
  12. Members that are senior writers are considered the "gods" of Bleacher Report.
  13. Is Zander Freund's brainchild.
  14. Serves as "ESPN No. 2" to its members.
  15. Is what its members are on when they realize that the ESPN Game of the Week is on...
  16. ...Is the only website that people won't "X" out of and run to the TV to watch the game.
  17. Is the only website that people check before going on Facebook or AIM.
  18. Has the abbreviation of B/R.
  19. Is the only thing its members actually make a list for. Their list is entitled "What to write next".
  20. Is its members' first priority.
  21. Has its members defending their teams to no end.
  22. Has its members defending their quarterback to no end.
  23. Has its members out to get their coach after a dumb move he/she made.
  24. Almost always has Zander Freund on the Top Writers, even if he hasn't written an article in three weeks.
  25. Makes its members stare at the screen on ESPN, waiting for BREAKING NEWS, so that they can write the first article on the topic.
  26. Gives out a Pick of the Day to the top article of the day, as voted on by its members.
  27. Is abundant with articles on all 32 NFL teams, 30 MLB teams, 30 NBA teams, most college teams, etc.
  28. Is FREE! This is definitely one of the best parts about it.
  29. Is considered "lunch" to its members that don't eat. They say they get their daily intake of their sports nutrients after reading a few articles.
  30. Is easy to use and organized.
  31. Is, if you haven't noticed yet, an online website.
  32. Can be found by going to
  33. Would be married to approximately half of its members.
  34. Makes its members think if they could beat Baby Tate in a round of golf.
  35. Can keep its members up to 3 AM just reading articles.
  36. Is a good excuse for being late to anything. Just say that you are extremely sorry and that you were on Bleacher Report. You won't get in trouble with that excuse.
  37. Contains one of life's goals for its members: Receiving a Pick of the Day!
  38. Allows anybody to write an article for the site. Sadly, this includes Terrell Owens, who may be using a pen name to disguise himself as an ordinary sports-obsessed fan.
  39. Is what its members are on when the game is on commercials.
  40. Is filled with about 20 articles on "Why (person) will be end up as a (team name)".
  41. Makes its members really hate their rival and some of its fans.
  42. Is the easy way to settle a debate. All you have to do is search the title of the debate and there will be an article on it.
  43. Gives its members sores on their knuckles from typing so much.
  44. Is where comments on your articles are like $$$$$.
  45. Is, in the words of its members' friends, "that sports website".
  46. Is, in the words of B/R member Shane Howard, "a drug created by Zander & Co."
  47. Is awesome, hip, gnarly, radical, frickin' sweet, interesting, pleasurable, or any other word you would use for a great website.
  48. Is a treasure found by its members.
  49. Lets people be fans of other people they don't even know.
  50. Is the greatest sports website ever created!