5 Things to Make Punk vs. Cena a Better WWE Feud

Luan MadaniCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2012

5 Things to Make Punk vs. Cena a Better WWE Feud

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    CM Punk's current feud with John Cena is one of the main feuds going on in WWE. However, it doesn't feel that way.

    These two men have a rich history with one another, especially when one thinks of their confrontation during the summer of 2011. Their current feud leaves much to be desired, and in a perfect world, here are five things that would make this clash another memorable one for fans. 

1. Emphasis on Their History

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    The summer of 2011 saw a major shift in both the WWE and the career of CM Punk. Punk's legendary promo on Monday Night Raw in June of 2011 spurred an immense feud between him and Cena.

    Fast forward to July of 2012, on RAW's 1,000th episode, Cena and Punk clashed for the WWE Championship, which saw Punk retain and make an attempt at a face-to-heel change.

    However, this was overshadowed by the interference from Big Show and The Rock. The match should have been the beginning of a competitive and intense feud between the two, centered around wins, losses and championship reigns stemming from a year earlier, rather than interference from other superstars. 

2. Change the Meaning of Respect

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    CM Punk parading around the WWE landscape demanding respect is a nice touch. But I feel left with wanting more when I watch his segments.

    CM Punk should be demanding respect from Cena and should be demanding it because of defeating him Money in the Bank, Summerslam and RAW 1,000. CM Punk should be demanding respect for being the greatest WWE Champion and superstar of all time.

    Remember, if he wants heel heat, he needs to make these claims, no matter how ludicrous they may seem. 

3. CM Punk Needs Real Heel Heat

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    Punk, even after blindsiding The Rock at RAW 1,000, can't get the heel heat that he needs in order for this feud to really work. His promo in June of 2011 really switched perceptions on him on tons of fans and made him a forever liked personality.

    However, he needs to draw heat on himself and suspend that perception for the time being. As stated in the previous slide, to be a true heel, he needs to make claims of being the best ever based on his victories of the WWE's top superstar John Cena, and he needs to make these claims based on his lengthy championship run with the WWE Title.

    Now, to the more inclined fan, while Punk is a great superstar, claims of being the best ever may be reaching because of stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker. 

4. Make His WWE Championship Top Priority

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    Being WWE Champion for 315 days is a grand accomplishment that puts CM Punk into the record books and helps his case of being one of the best. Strongly emphasizing this fact would solidify Punk as a top guy to those who doubt his weight at the top of the company.

    His feud with Cena should be centered around Cena trying to unseat Punk and trying to stop Punk from becoming a better champion than himself. Having Cena worry about his place in WWE Title history would make it that much more interesting to fans to see if he can do it. It would give their matches a great deal of importance. 

5. Lengthen Their Feud Until the Royal Rumble

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    A long feud is something of the past in the world of professional wrestling. Feuds a decade ago would last months on end, with their final match meaning the most and having the big fight feel. Today, feuds last about a month, with a pay-per-view match or two with superstars moving on afterwards.

    Extending this feud until the Royal Rumble would give it importance as a defining clash in both Punk's and Cena's careers. Having their feud culminate at the Rumble would be ideal with the big fight feel and would serve as a great transition in their feud with the returning Rock.

    Having these three battle in the ring in a triple threat match for the Championship would give fans a great treat as all three can put on a great match. Having The Rock win the title at the Rumble would then pit Cena and Punk in the Chamber with four other superstars in February for the right to face Dwayne Johnson at WrestleMania.