WWE Tag Teams Revitalization : The Asian Influence

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIISeptember 30, 2012

For awhile, I've been thinking about a recent article posted on WWE.com that spoke about old stables being formed with today's Superstars. I thought about some of the names listed as possible members and one that stuck out to me was Yoshi Tatsu as a member of Undertaker's new Ministry. It cited Yoshi's adoption of a darker side, during his feud with Tyson Kidd on NXT. 

The article also posed an interesting question, and I'm twisting it a bit here, but it basically asked, if Yoshi were to ever turn to the dark side, would he need to be brainwashed or would he do it of his own free will?

This makes me think that the WWE is wasting Yoshi (as they do several other stars on their roster) as a happy-go-lucky face when perhaps Yoshi's true calling (at least to the midcard) is that of a mysterious, foreboding heel.

Interestingly enough, another potential candidate that WWE.com listed for the new Ministry was Tensai.

The teaming wasn't immediately apparent to me, but over the past few days I've been thinking about the possibility, upsides and downsides of a Tatsu/Tensai tag team and I've come to the conclusion that, if done well, this would be a good way to not only fulfill WWE's wish of making Tensai an actual threat (or at least relevant) but also allow Yoshi Tatsu to finally make an impact on the WWE.

To get the ball rolling, we first have to deal with the elephant in the room. Yoshi Tatsu is a face.

While it's not unusual for WWE to ignore such things with their lower-card guys, for this team to really gel Tatsu needs to make big change. Not simply introducing a new attitude, but also the inclusion of a few tweaks.

For one, bringing back the face paint. (Though I do like that it was only on one side.) Secondly, Tatsu is in dire need of a new finisher—perhaps a submission. The Octopus Stretch or Muta Lock would both be nice moves. And the addition of the Asian Mist would also be impressive. Maybe after turning on a partner during a tag team match on Superstars (Santino Marella maybe?), Yoshi disappears for awhile (not like we'd notice, right?).

So, for awhile on Smackdown and RAW, Tensai is on a losing streak to the likes of Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, and of course, Tyson Kidd to cap things off. In a rematch with Tyson Kidd, just as Tyson is closing in on another win over the Super Heavyweight, music plays throughout the arena, distracting Tyson allowing Tensai to hit his finisher and pick up the victory. After the match, Tensai's music plays and out comes Sakamoto throwing rice as he would for Tensai, but instead for Tatsu this time.

Tatsu proceeds to cut a promo, claiming that Tensai isn't really Japanese but has taken a step in the right direction by immersing himself in the culture (throwing some Japanese into his promo to emphasis his pride in his heritage.) He goes on to say that the "Asian Influence" will only help the WWE whether they want it or not. Tensai walks up the stage and has a staredown with Tatsu before finally bowing to him before they leave, along with Sakamoto.

This not only gets Tatsu on television, but it adds to the time that's normally used for Tensai himself, thus making him interesting.

The fact that it was Tyson Kidd also leads this new alliance into their first feud as the team (let's call them Asian Influence, for now) gets to take on International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, for those unaware) in a chance to get over, displaying Tatsu's new attitude and allowing Tensai's power to be on full display against his smaller opponents.

And thus a new team is added into the reinvigorated tag team division. Could they be immediate threats to Hell No? I don't believe so, but I do think they'll help bolster an already budding tag team division. And who's to say Mysterio and Sin Cara don't need one more speed bump on their path to the tag team titles? 

In the end, the team also helps Tatsu in the long run. Sakamoto performed down in FCW for a time so one has to think that WWE sees there's at least the possibility for in-ring competition with him. If not a full-on stable, I do believe that when WWE eventually tires of Tensai, they can have a frustrated Sakamoto dispatch his former "Lord" and take his place beside Yoshi.

In the end, it's an idea. It's simple, but I think the team has potential. Let me know your thoughts on the team. What would you do different? What did you like best? Possible feuds? Possible finishers? All of the above are welcome.