Jake Locker Injury: Updates on Titans QB's Left Shoulder

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Jake Locker Injury: Updates on Titans QB's Left Shoulder

On the list of things the Tennessee Titans wanted to hear during their game with the Houston Texans, Jake Locker and injury were not among them.

UPDATE: Sunday, Oct. 1 at 3:00 p.m. ET by Adam Wells

The Titans will have to turn to Matt Hasselbeck for at least one game, according to a report from CBS Sports

Jake Locker suffered a nasty-looking shoulder injury during Sunday's loss to the Texans, and according to CBS Sports's Jason La Canfora, the team expects veteran backup and last year's starter Matt Hasselbeck to start this week vs. the Vikings.

La Canfora says Locker underwent an MRI on his shoulder Monday and is expected “to miss at least a week or two recovering.” The full extent of the injury is unclear at this point.

On the plus side, Hasselbeck is good enough to carry the load for a short amount of time. As long as he isn't asked to put the team on his back, he should be fine. 

On the negative side of things, Locker is losing development time after starting to show signs that he was figuring things out. It is not a big blow to his future, but it does put him a little bit behind the eight-ball. 


UPDATE: Sunday, Sept. 30 at 4:20 p.m. ET by Timothy Rapp

Terry McCormick of TitansInsider.com has a few updates on Locker's status:

This obviously is disappointing news for Locker, the Titans and the team's fans. One of the exciting aspects of this season was seeing how the young quarterback would develop. Hopefully, he won't lose too much time and the injury won't be too serious.

The one silver lining is that Matt Hasselbeck is an excellent backup quarterback, so the Titans should still compete. Well, at least as much as they've been competing this season, which isn't very much.

---End of Update---

According to Nick Scurfield of HoustonTexans.com, Locker was hit right on the shoulder by Texans safety Glover Quin. It was a clean hit, but Locker was clearly in pain after it happened and walked off the field.

Ian Rapoport of NFL.com doesn't see much hope on the horizon for Locker, at least not based on what the Titans quarterback looks like on the sidelines.

The Titans are not completely devoid of talent at the quarterback position, as Matt Hasselbeck is a capable backup who handled himself in the starting role quite well most of last season.

Hasselbeck has already performed well since entering the game, engineering a touchdown drive that pulled the Titans to within 14-7. Still, given the way that Locker was really starting to come into his own, you hope he isn't out for too long.

The Titans have updated Locker's status for the rest of the game as questionable. 

Despite the questionable prognosis, Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean believes that fans should not expect to see Locker back in this game.

We will keep you updated on Locker's status for the rest of this game and the future as soon as more information becomes available.

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