Breaking NBA News: Allen Iverson Rehabbing In An Atlanta Club?

Alain GuillenContributor IMarch 6, 2009

Allen Iverson is supposed to be healing his sore back with rest. The injury, which is a  day-to-day issue, will keep him sidelined for two weeks. But it seems Iverson is good enough to host a party in a club in Atlanta, what??

I wonder when he when he was offered to do this. His main issue should be healing, watching film to get ready for the playoffs, and getting ready for his sixth-man role that he has accepted.

Iverson should be practicing to get his groove on. Yes I said PRACTICE.

I don’t know how Joe Dumars and the Pistons organization is going to respond to this ordeal, but I know they won’t be happy.

Either A.I. sees that this team might not need him anymore, or he’s not being a team player, doesn't need rest and should go out and be playing out in the baketball court.


This was all broken out by LA Dre on