If I Ran the WWE: SmackDown, Week One

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 6, 2009

I have done the first week of Raw and ECW and this is the first edition of SmackDown.

SmackDown Roster: Big Show, The Brian Kendrick, Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, DH Smith, Edge, Ezekiel Jackson, Festus, Great Khali, Hurricane Helms, Jeff Hardy, Jesse, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kizarny, Kung Fu Naki, Matt Hardy, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Primo, R-Truth, Shelton Benjamain, Triple H, Umaga, Undertaker, Vladimir Kozlov, Zack Ryder, Brie Bella, Eve, Gail Kim, Maria, Maryse, Michelle McCool, Nikki Bella, Jim Ross, Ranjin Singh, Tazz, Vickie Guerrero

JR: Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown were in Stamford Connecticut, it's JR with my partner Tazz as what a week in the WWE with two new GM's maybe three after tonight.

Tazz: With both champion's on SmackDown what is going to happen with the title situation.

JR: We will find out all the answer's and more here tonight, we have all the SmackDown superstars standing outside the ring as on cue McMahon music hit's

McMahon music's hit's

Vince get's in the ring...

Vince: Vickie and Edge get your ass out here right now....

Edge music hit's as he walk's with Vickie to the ring....

Vince: I am going to say what's on my mind and your going to listen. Got it.

Edge and Vicke: Ye...

Vince: Did I say you could speak, No I didn't. So Vickie how does it feel to be a former GM of SmackDown.

Vickie: What?

Crowd say' What?

Vince: You can stay with Edge but there is a new GM in town and he will run the show from now on. The new GM of SmackDown is......

IT'S ME IT'S ME IT'S D D P ..................

Crowd exploded as loud as can be

The SmackDown superstar's look confused bad not as confused as Edge and Vickie as DDP makes his way to the ring.

DDP is faced right in front of Big Show as DDP smile's at Big Show as Big Show gives DDP a hug. DDP goes to the ring and get's a mic.

DDP Smile's

Edge: What the hell? Vince this is insane.

Vince: I never said that DDP is the GM your General Manger is...........

Roddy Piper music hit's

Piper walk's into the ring with a huge smile on his face. Piper and Vince hug.

Vince leaves to a ovation from the SmackDown crowd

Edge: What the ......

Piper: Shut the hell up. DDP is now an advisor for me now. That is a good thing.

Edge: Why you?

Piper: Because I am the Hot Rod and if you don't like it I'ill trade you to ECW.

Edge's thorat clear's knowing that is not what he want's

Piper: I run the show and tonight your going to be in action

Edge: With Who?

Piper: To Whom every I want and I'm not going to tell you, you're going to find out in the Main Event.

Piper music hit's as he walks out but turn's around at the ramp and bow's to the crowd.

Goes to commerical.......

Big Show is backstage walking with DDP as the catch up on old time.

Big Show: It's glad to see you back and yes it's a good thing

DDP: Yea so what is your plan for WrestleMania

Edge come's up angry

Edge: DDP you and Piper better stay out of my way because I will ....

Big Show stops Edge

Big Show: What are you going to do Edge.........

Edge stand's there.....

Big Show: Exactly what I thought

Big Show and DDP walk off...


Umaga vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Great Khali

Umaga come's to the ring ready to fight as he wait's on his Kozlov, Kozlov come's out mad but not ready to fight in till the bell ring's, Khali get's a good pop coming out for the match.

Piper come's out and say's

Piper: One is in and One is out. The loser will be traded to ECW and the Winner will be a #1 contender for the United States Championship two weeks on SmackDown.

The match gest's started with Umaga and Khali just landing body shot's on each other and counter each other for a good solid three minutes in till Kozlov get's involved and he clean's house as they go to commerical...

Kozlov has Umaga in a chock-hold in till Khali break's it up, but then all the sudden Umaga kick's Kozlov in the face, and then Khali misses with a boot, Kozlov get's up and then spinebuster's Umaga to the mat to get the win 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Kozlov #1 contender for US title

Three camera's on the next wrestler's for there triple threat match MITB Qualifier

Goes to commerical...


MITB Qualifying Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. The Brain Kendrick

All wrestler's stare down one another in till Chavo slides out of the ring and walk's out of the match. So Kendrick and Benjamin go at it as Shelton controls the whole match with all his signature moves, Shelton is about to go for "Pay Dirt" before Hawkins and Ryder come out and beat Shelton senseless in till he can't move.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

After the match while Ryder and Hawkins beat on Shelton Kendrick start's going after Ryder as it look's like Kendrick is helping Shelton, Ezekiel Jackson comes out to clear the ring as emt's come to check on Shelton as they go to commerical...


Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Mr. Kennedy get's prepaired for his first match back as Matt Hardy get's ready for his first match on SmackDown as these to look at each other, before the match even get's underway MVP and Jeff Hardy come out as we know Jeff won't fight his brother and MVP won't fight Mr. Kennedy because Kennedy has helped him out since he has gone broke.

So with the Matt, Jeff, Kennedy, and MVP in the ring they start getting closer to each other in till

Wooooooooooooooooo Flair music hit's

Crowd goes nut's as Flair Stylin and Proflyn comes to the ring in his street clothes

Flair: Wooooooooooooooooooooo the Nature Boy is Back, Piper gave me the call and he said that Flair is the Co-GM with him Wooooooooooooooooo, Next Week MVP and Mr. Kennedy v Carlito and Primo for the WWE tag team titles and Matt Hardy you are going to pick your posion as you will pick Jeff oppenent and Jeff your going to pick Matt oppenent.

Flair walk's toward's the ramp turn's around and say's

Flair: Stamford can you give me a Woooooooooooooooooo

Crowd give's him an outstanding Woooooooooooooooooo

Goes to commerical.......


DH Smith vs. ?

Smith is ready for anyone as he wait's and then....

Mr. Perfect music hit's.....

Joe Henning come's out making his debut against Smith as he walk's to the ring in the Mr. Perfect jacket his father gave him with dimamond's on the back with his name on the front.

Joe start's with a couple of old school moves, Smith counter's Joe headlock into a back belly suplex, Smith goes for a running forearm but Joe catch's him into a running "Perfect-Plex" 1, 2, 3

Winner: Joe Henning 1-0

After the match Joe pick's up Smith as they talk shake hand's and walk out together to the back.

Goes to commerical.......

Triple H music hit's as he walk's down to the ring wit ha purpose...Triple get's a mic

Triple H: Orton action speak's louder than word's. Umaga get your ass out here now.

After a moment Umaga music hit's

Umaga storm down to the ring but Hunter met's him half way with a sledge hammer as he hit's him in the gut, then in the back, then across his forehead, and went after his leg and arm's as he will not stop as his face is read and is hitting away repeatedly at him as Flair and Piper had to come out and stop him but he start's to walk away but then turn's around and hit's him one good time in the head as the hammer break's.

Triple grab's the camera and say's Orton this will be a taste of what I do to you. Piper and Flair walk him to the back as emt's come out to aid Umaga.

Goes to commerical......

Raw Rewind is shown of what happen on Raw this past week.

Edge comes out worried about who he will face....


Main Event: Edge vs. ?

Piper come's out and say's I talked it over with Flair and your opponent is .............

Taker music hit's

Undertaker come's out and doesn't take his eyes off of Edge as he come's to the ring. Edge start's to walk out as he run's to the ramp........ Big Show come's out and force's Edge to fight Taker.

Taker start's with strike's to the mid-section of Edge as the match get's started, Edge tries to get out of the corner but Edge can't get out with Taker pulling him back in, Taker goes for a big boot but Edge counter's it and throw's him out of the ring as it goes to commerical..........

Edge is working on the back of Taker as Big Show is standing right outside of the ring, Edge get's countered by Taker, Taker picks him up from his knees and goes for snake eyes but nails the ref with the big boot. Edge goes for the chair but Big Show denies him, Taker rises up but Edge kick's him in the chest but he get's right back up. Big Show start's to go to the ropes but Edge slides and kick's him in the back as Big Show force mad him go threw the padding and into the stands.

Edge call's out Chavo, Chavo come's out and get's a chair he throw's it............to the Undertaker as the Undertaker nails him with the chair and set's him up for the tombstone in till................ Vickie come's out and has a steel pipe as she throw's it to Edge but out of the crowd and out of no where Cena grabs it and hit's Edge with it.

Undertaker Tombstone Edge for the win 1, 2, 3 as Undertaker poses for the crowd, the light's go out for about ten second's and Taker is gone.

Winner: Undertaker

After the match Cena grabs Vickie by the hair and takes her to the top ramp and has a mic in his hand.

Cena: EDGE I Want My Title Back. IF you say no I will do something bad.

Edge: No you lost you're not getting it.

Cena grabs Vickie and put's her across his shoulder.

Cena: Last Chance

Edge: OK OK OK I will please put her down.

Cena: If you say so

Cena gives her the AA as she is not moving as SmackDown goes off the air.

Next Week: Matt picks for Jeff and Jeff picks for Matt, Carlito and Primo v MVP and Kennedy for tag titles, What will Flair, Piper, and DDP do next, and much more.

See you next week for Week 2 of Raw, Ecw, and SD. Don't forget to rate the show.

-Adrian Staehle


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