WWE News: Ricardo Rodriguez Makes His Masked WWE Debut Against Sin Cara

Luis CamposAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2012

image via junkiesv4.iphpbb3.com
image via junkiesv4.iphpbb3.com

Whether you love or hate Alberto Del Rio, it is generally observed that the best part of the Mexican aristocrat's gimmick is his plucky ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. 

Third in succession (behind Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole) when it comes to getting heat from the crowds, Rodriguez's comedy antics are often the highlights of Del Rio's appearances. But despite these antics, Rodriguez is actually a pretty good wrestler, with a wrestling career that is over half a decade long. 

Rodriguez's wrestling ability has been shown on WWE programming in the past (notably against Santino during a feud that culminated in a tuxedo match at the No Way Out pay-per-view in June of this year), but his wrestling skills have always been limited due to his portrayal of a non-wrestling member of the WWE roster. 

As of late, Rodriguez has been given a larger wrestling role, last seen wrestling this past Monday during Raw, but like most of his performances in the past, he has played the role of the incompetent ring announcer—until a recent taping of Saturday Morning Slam.

Desperate to push the rumored Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara match at WrestleMania 29, it seems the WWE has brought back Ricardo Rodriguez's masked gimmick.

During the taping of Saturday Morning Slam this past Tuesday in Buffalo, N.Y., Ricardo Rodriguez (as the masked wrestler El Local, sporting his old FCW Chimaera costume) made his WWE masked debut against Sin Cara. 

Ricardo lost the match, but he was never unmasked, leaving those in attendance thinking that the man behind the mask was someone else.  

The match comes on the heels of the announcement that the WWE wants Ricardo Rodriguez to wrestle more (via 411mania.com, with credit to Wrestling Observer), but it remains to be seen whether Rodriguez's masked appearances will be made a frequent part of WWE programming or if his first masked match against Sin Cara was also his last.  


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