NBA 2K13: New Emphasis on Signature Sneakers Broadens Game's Appeal

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2012

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The NBA is more about commercial appeal than any other professional sports organization, and NBA 2K13 understands that more than any video game franchise has before.

Every sport has jerseys, team t-shirts and anything else you could possibly want, but no other sport has sneakers like the NBA does. Now, they aren't just for real life.

According to Jon Robinson on, NBA 2K13 is placing an emphasis on sneakers this year. It might seem like a small feature to some, but adding tiny nuances like this keep your franchise fresh and give more people a reason to explore the game.

Robinson states that:

Not only does “NBA 2K13” feature more brands and shoes than ever before, but for the first time, the producers built special shaders in their game to make everything from the patent leather to the rubber pop on screen.

Get ready for details, folks. No longer will your favorite NBA player have a blurry shoe on that slightly resembles something you'll find in retail stores. Now, it's going to be obvious.

Check out some insight from the game's developers here:

The NBA is very much a "look good" game. Players take their appearance seriously, and signature sneakers are a major part of that. Giving gamers the chance to experience that in their own way was a genius idea by the 2K13 creators.

I'm not saying that people will play the game solely for this feature, but it could bring back many fans who were on the fence about purchasing. Don't underestimate the appeal of swag to a devoted sneaker collector.

It doesn't even stop there. Robinson's report gave some more information. Sneakerheads, you may want to sit down for this one:

There’s also a robust editor that enables you to create your own shoe, from color to materials. Create a cool pair of Nikes, and the game will even spit out a code for the Nike ID store so you can order your shoes to wear around in real life, while your player is also sporting them in the game.

That's just cool. Normally, that's a terrible adjective to use, but how else could it be so simply described?

Not only will gamers have the traditional sneaker brands to work with when creating their custom player in this year's game, but Spalding and Under Armour have also joined the ranks. That means more versatility when deciding which kicks to lace up on the virtual hardwood.

NBA 2K13 was already a must-buy when it hits shelves on Monday. Instead of just dunking with LeBron James, now you can step on chests with LeBron's signature sneaker.

Run to the nearest retail store and pick up your copy on Monday. Play a few games, win a few games but don't forget to look good while doing it.