NBA Misses Mark with New Flopping Rules

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The NBA desperately needs real, sustainable change to combat the flopping that’s run rampant throughout the league. Unfortunately, Wednesday's news that the NBA would institute an anti-flopping policy for the coming season, enforced primarily by heavy fines, was a huge flop of its own.

According to Howard Beck of The New York Times, when the new season begins, players who violate the new policy will endure the following penalties:

"Flopping will not be called as an infraction during games, but will instead be determined after the fact, by video review. A player will be given a warning on his first offense, then subject to fines for every flop thereafter: $5,000 for a second violation, $10,000 for a third violation, $15,000 for a fourth violation and $30,000 for a fifth violation during the course of the regular season. Anyone called for six or more violations will be subject to increased fines and perhaps suspension."

There's no denying that players have become immersed, even trained, in the system of flopping. The NBA implementing these changes represents a step in the right direction, but the specific guidelines for determining a flop remain unclear, not to mention the consequences for violators are hardly strict enough to send a lasting message.

Has the NBA set themselves up for another season of endless flopping, and ridicule as a result? Or do you believe these changes will resonate enough with players that we will finally see some clean and honest basketball?

Please leave a comment below about your take on the anti-flopping policy!

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