Is Terrell Owens Headed To Minnesota?

Mitchell TimpCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

As the speculation for where Terrell Owens will end up continues, I would like to throw my two cents in and say that his best chance of playing time is in Minnesota.

The Dallas Cowboys released Owens Wednesday, and since then teams have either turned away or expressed interest (with T.O., there is no middle ground). While Minnesota has not taken an official stance, they really should.

Becoming a Viking would increase Owens' chances of having the ball thrown to him. With Adrian Peterson as a solid weapon, Owens would likely have one-on-one battles with opposing cornerbacks, which he will win most of the time.

The Giants can't afford Owens, nor can the Redskins after their high-profile signings, and it's likely the Detroit Lions don't want him either. Minnesota has a lot of money to spend, so it can give Owens a good offer.

Let's hope they do so.