Why Sheamus Can't Be the Star of the Next Generation's WWE

Shea Haney@SheaH4Correspondent IIISeptember 28, 2012

I don't think Sheamus has what it takes to carry the WWE into the future.

Sheamus, the current World Heavyweight Champion, has received a very quick push to the top of the SmackDown roster. He has won over many fans since his current title reign started at WrestleMania 28. He, along with Randy Orton, have carried the face characters on SmackDown for the past year or so.

Can he maintain this momentum? That has yet to be seen.

The WWE needs to start grooming the next generation's John Cena. Cena is rapidly approaching 40 and his time as a full-fledged roster member may be numbered.

Who will replace him atop the company ladder? Will it be CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan or Sheamus? Sheamus obviously has the look that the WWE traditionally likes their top superstars to have. He has a decent in-ring ability and can put on a good match.

The issue is his charisma.

Sheamus can play the hooligan-like everyman character but this could get stale. He has yet to have a real entertaining feud as champion, and he isn't much of a talker on the microphone. I compare Sheamus to a more evolved version of the Ultimate Warrior.

Sheamus is a company man willing to put in the extra work. He is regularly featured in the "BA Star" campaign and appears very popular with the younger viewers. As we have seen with John Cena, this is what the top guy must to do to stay atop the ladder. As the WWE transfers from a Vince McMahon-led promotion to a Triple H-led company, where will that leave the top spot?

I feel the WWE should focus on its younger superstars and groom them for the future.

Sheamus will be in the WWE for many years to come, but i don't think the Irishman is built to handle the pressure that goes will being number one. The WWE needs to focus on grooming Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow to lead the charge into the next few years.

No matter who becomes the WWE's next Cena, they need to make sure they choose the right man as it could make or break the company.