What's Wrong with the WBC?

Andrew PetrilloContributor IMarch 6, 2009

The WBC gives baseball fans tournament-style play in March, the start of spring weather, and, oh yeah, the world's greatest baseball players playing on one platform.

While on paper, the idea of a WBC looks like a fan's dream, the idea itself has come under criticism as there has been a lack of enthusiasm from even baseball die-hards, but I'm not sure why.

The knocks on the WBC are that the timing is horrible. Why play an Olympic style tournament just weeks before the start of the regular season and during a time when most teams are just trying to get their players to gel with one another?

Also, the injury factor comes into play with many of the best players risking their careers for their country.

But in this writer's mind, the reward of great entertainment outweighs the risk of injuries or team chemistry.

We, as fans, are given the chance to watch a stacked US team face off against great international talent with the likes of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Korea and Japan. With many of the best players in the MLB playing for most of the above mentioned countries, the entertainment value of the games should be obvious.

Why then, with so many positives, has the WBC been type-casted as just a lack-luster All-Star game? These athletes are playing for their countries and for the love of the game.

It's why you see many of the hard-nosed, team first players like Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, Roy Oswalt, and David Ortiz playing, and not the greedy "me-first" stars of the MLB.

Fans need to give the WBC a shot before it is swept away by low ratings and ticket sales or we could all be missing out on something really special.