WWE Puts Itself in Tough Position with Ill-Advised Segment Between Ryback, Punk

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2012

RAW confusingly ended this past Monday with emerging star Ryback staring CM Punk squarely in the face following Punk's attack on Mick Foley.  The show-closing staredown came just moments after John Cena vowed to recover in time for Hell in a Cell and take on CM Punk. 

This begs the question, what the heck is Ryback doing here already?

Apparently early to his own coronation, Ryback's otherwise encouraging staredown with CM Punk could eventually do more harm than good if, and likely when, the WWE opts to refrain from thrusting their rising star into the main event picture.

The WWE spent months force-feeding their universe Ryback squash matches that slowly progressed into impressive wins over noteworthy talents like the Miz and Jack Swagger.  

Apparently foregoing the part where Ryback consistently wins competitive matches against stronger competition, the WWE appeared to make the hasty decision to shoot a Ryback-Punk segment with the WWE Championship in plain sight. 

The decision can easily be reasoned as the WWE testing the WWE Championship waters while teasing a WWE Championship match with CM Punk down the road.

The company has already backed itself into a corner with the Rock waiting in the wings for the WWE Champion come the Royal Rumble in January.  Is that going to be Ryback?  Does Rock-Ryback do anything for anybody at this point? 

Sure, Rock could launch Ryaback's career by doing the job, but that's not what he is here for.  The WWE would be foolishly leaving thousands of pay-per-view buys on the table if they choose not to book the Rock against a current top star like CM Punk or John Cena come Rumble season. 

The longer the WWE holds off on Ryback entering the WWE title picture, the more WWE Championship momentum he will lose thus making it harder to get people to care once he finally takes his place as the rightful challenger for their prestigious prize.  Unfortunately, a prolonged waiting period for Ryback is the most likely scenario. 

So what the heck is Ryback doing here already? 

The question still stands with not an answer in sight.