WWE: Why a Feud Between The Miz and Ryback Needs to Happen Now

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Ryback managed to squash the Miz clean on Monday night RAW.  Did anyone really expect a different result, though?

Is one match enough for Ryback to move on?  Miz is the intercontinental champion after all, and with Ryback going to Mick Foley's aid at the end of Monday night RAW, is he getting too much of a push?

Ryback should be involved in a mid-card feud before moving up to the top-card spot.

What better heel wrestler to feud with than the Miz?

A feud needs to happen between Ryback and the Miz.  Not only would it help establish Ryback more as a wrestler, a feud with the Miz would help give him a push to move up the ranks. 

Ryback getting involved with Punk might be too much too soon for the wrestler, which is all the more reason why we need to see Ryback and the Miz feud over the next couple of months.


Ryback Still Needs Work

There are areas where Ryback still needs improvement.  One of the biggest is on the mic.  Ryback has barely spoken since his debut in the WWE, and while he may have amazing strength, being strong on the mic is just as important.

Who better to help Ryback improve on the mic than the WWE's resident loudmouth, the Miz?

He still comes off inexperienced as a wrestler also.  His matches have been one-dimensional squash matches.  How much experience has Ryback gotten from squashing opponents the same way every time?

Putting Ryback in an actual match that lasts longer than five minutes would help him improve overall as a wrestler.  He needs to learn how to adjust his style of wrestling to fit with all different types of wrestlers.

Can Ryback take a bump from the Miz and actually be able to sell it?   If Ryback is to improve enough to hopefully make it to the main event one day, being able to sell moves that other wrestlers can do would only help him improve.

A feud with the Miz would help Ryback look more like a real wrestler, and less like a robot.


The Miz and the Intercontinental Title

The Miz is bringing back prestige to the Intercontinental title.  He can't do it alone though.  He needs a real challenger, someone who forces the Miz to be his very best, whether he has to cheat or not to retain his title.

Ryback would be one of the biggest challenges to Miz and his Intercontinental title.

Wasn't this recent comeback for the Miz supposed to be a big push?  How much of a push was it then, when he was squashed flat by Ryback?

A feud between the Miz and Ryback could not only benefit Ryback as a wrestler, but would also help in making the Miz seem like a stronger intercontinental champion.

They would have a solid feud over the intercontinental title—something the WWE Universe hasn't seen in a while.


A Push Too Soon

When Punk turned around to attack Foley again on Monday night RAW, and was stopped dead in his tracks, there was a couple of seconds where the WWE Universe had no clue who, or what, was making Punk freeze up.

When it turned out to be Ryback, though, Punk seemed a little intimidated.  Ryback is pretty big after all, and he is a force to be reckoned with.

But was this a push for him?  And if it was, is it too soon? Should we be expecting Punk and Ryback to face off some time in the future?  And will the human wrecking ball run over Punk like he has done to all of his competitors so far?

Pushing Ryback too soon might end up hurting him in the end.  Why not have him feud with the Miz a bit longer, maybe even win the intercontinental championship?

Ryback needs more steam before even considering giving him a main event push.  He might be gaining popularity with the fans, but how well of a match could he have with a wrestler like CM Punk?

Ryback lacks experience, but a feud with the Miz would help make him an even better wrestler.

One simple squash match should not be the end of the Miz vs. Ryback. These two wrestlers need to feud, and build a solid rivalry around the intercontinental title.