Michigan Football: The 5 Most Disappointing Players in the First Month

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIOctober 1, 2012

Michigan Football: The 5 Most Disappointing Players in the First Month

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    Michigan has had its share of disappointing players so far this season, just as every team does every season.

    Fortunately, I'd say the pleasant surprises outweigh the disappointments, but that's just my opinion, and some may disagree.

    Here's a look at who I think have been the five most disappointing players so far this season, based on personal preseason expectations.

5. Kenny Demens

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    Linebacker was supposed to be a position of strength on this team, but the play of Kenny Demens has done a lot to weaken it.

    It looks like the coaches' fear in preseason camp about Demens have come to fruition. Whether it's not attacking plays hard enough or misreading them, Demens is not playing like the experienced fifth-year senior that he is.

    All of the rumors before the season started about him possibly losing his job to one of the freshmen 'backers seemed to be just that: rumors.

    However, that could become a reality in the coming weeks. It would not be a surprise to see James Ross or Joe Bolden get the starting nod and Demens begin a game on the bench.

    He did look much better in the Notre Dame game, so hopefully that's a sign of things to come.

4. Denard Robinson

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    I just had to put Robinson on this list. I didn't expect him to have a complete revelation as a passer, but I didn't expect him to keep turning the ball over at such a high rate either.

    It's actually quite embarrassing and needs to stop. At this point in his career, it probably never will, though.

    The best we can hope for is that he at least cuts down and doesn't do it at crucial junctures in the game.

    He has obviously done many good things so far this year too, but I guess I just expected a bit more out of him as a senior.

3. Craig Roh

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    I was cautiously hoping before the season that Craig Roh would take that next step and become a very good defensive lineman as a senior.

    So far he hasn't done that, and it looks like he will end his career with another mediocre (that may be putting it generously) season.

    After starting as a true freshman, Roh just seemingly hasn't gotten much better. Whether it's due to the constant position changes or something else, we may never know.

    I think next year's defensive line will miss his work ethic, personality and leadership, but probably won't miss his performance.

    Fortunately, guys like Will Campbell, Frank Clark and even Quinton Washington have been solid enough this season that Roh's disappointing play hasn't had too much of an impact.

2. Fitzgerald Toussaint

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    For whatever reason, it took Toussaint until the second half of the season to get going last year. Well, it looks like that is going to be the case again this year.

    The poor run blocking by the offensive line has had a lot to do with it as well, but Toussaint still deserves some of the blame.

    During the last few games of 2011, he was simply a different runner. We're not seeing that quite yet. Honestly, this is a completely different team when he runs the way he's capable of.

    I expected an absolute huge season from him, even saying he had a better chance at the Heisman than Robinson.

    So far, he's been mostly irrelevant. Now that Big Ten play has arrived, he better pick up his game...and fast.

1. Roy Roundtree

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    Well, it doesn't look like Roy Roundtree is going to have that resurgent senior year many were hoping for.

    Instead, it looks like a repeat of last season: mostly irrelevant, with a few big catches every couple of weeks.

    Fortunately, other receivers have stepped up in a big way, mainly Devin Gardner.

    Assuming Roundtree doesn't turn things around, it's a shame he'll end his career this way. At least he has a great attitude, and will be remembered as one of the most key seniors on Team 133.