Fernando Tatis is Playing Third Base for the Dominican Republic in WBC

Wendy AdairAnalyst IMarch 6, 2009

Fernando Tatis has joined 15 of his Mets teammates who are participating in the 2009 World Baseball Classic this weekend—which, for the teams in Asia, has already begun and will continue in a double elimination process, meaning teams that lose two games are eliminated.

The Mets have now officially become the MLB team with the highest participation for the Classic.

This is both exciting news and a bit scary, because more players can possibly be injured and lose valuable playing time during the season. It is also disappointing for the many Mets fans who enjoy going down to Florida for Spring Training games to see their favorite stars, even though it does not occur every year, it is still a tradition with many families.

Tatis has no doubt shown amazing loyalty to his country, returning to baseball to raise funds to build a church in his native San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, and his countrymen are all very proud of the players that will be representing them in the Classic.  

The roster position for third base that Tatis is filling for the Dominican team was made possible by the injury to Alex Rodriguez—which I find a bit ironic, because the vacancy originally on the USA team, now filled by David Wright, was created when Alex Rodriguez decided to play for the Dominican Republic team.

With the contributions he made last season, Tatis has become a fan favorite—maybe not to the extent of Jose Reyes and  David Wright, but he does draw the fans to the stadium.  I am confident that he, along with the other Mets players representing their countries, will do a great job in representing their countries.