WWE: Every Pay-Per-View Should Feature an NXT Championship Match

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE/NXT
Photo courtesy of WWE/NXT

If WWE wants to fully renovate NXT and its significance, they should put a match for the NXT Championship on every WWE pay-per-view.

WWE has made such positive renovations in their developmental system and its presentation. They've done away with FCW and branded it all NXT.

Their filming of NXT at Full Sail University has provided an entertaining presentation that mixes old-school studio wrestling with WWE's top-notch production value.

The next step―highlight the best NXT talent at each WWE pay-per-view.

Every PPV should have an NXT Championship match. Add more of a reward for being the top guy in developmental who holds the title and the guy becomes the top challenger to the champion.

In addition to rewarding hard work, this helps get fans informed about the talent who they will soon be seeing on Raw and Smackdown.

WWE has a formula of utilizing television time to focus on four big pay-per-view matches. Once WWE has timed the show out for the big angles, many matches often appear on the shows that were never advertised to take place.

Each month, WWE should plan accordingly for a 12-minute block of the show to be dedicated to the NXT Championship. If you think the two competitors can go 10 solid minutes in the ring, give them 10 in the ring and two minutes total for both entrances.

If you feel there is some backstory that needs to be shown to the audience, give them eight minutes in the ring with two minutes of a video package and two minutes of an entrance.

The new partnership WWE has with Hulu Plus shows each week of NXT programming. As Triple H teased in a recent interview with The Miami Herald, there are hopeful plans to have NXT aired on television domestically.

NXT is weekly episodic television; it only makes sense for the build of whatever the NXT Championship feud consists of to culminate at a pay-per-view.

It shouldn't be the YouTube pre-show. The YouTube pre-show needs to feature Raw or Smackdown talent to draw the audience to that platform. Place the NXT match second or third on the pay-per-view card.

NXT is grooming talent to be WWE stars for the future. NXT grooms them on how to tell a story on television with its different resources, demands and sometimes even constraints.

A monthly test/reward on the big stage—on the same card with the top WWE talent—would go a long way. It can go a long way in providing a chance to prove how ready an NXT talent is if they stand out and perform well. It can go a long way in providing proof that the talent(s) aren't yet ready.

Give 12 minutes each pay-per-view, and think of it as making a deposit into your savings account. You're building for the future.