Scouting Report, Video Highlights and Predictions for Michigan QB Shane Morris

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 28, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Shane Morris is a 5-star quarterback from De La Salle High School in Warren, Michigan, and he's verbally committed to play football for the University of Michigan Wolverines.

He's a big-time prospect for Brady Hoke and the Wolverines, and he's currently their only 5-star player for the class of 2012. He's also the No. 2 ranked pocket passer in the nation according to 247sports. He may not play the rest of his senior season due to mono, but that should not impact the potential that he's bringing to the Wolverines.

Here's my scouting report of Morris, as well as some predictions:


Scouting Report

The first thing you'll notice about Morris is that he's a lefty. He has very good size for a quarterback at 6'3'', 201 pounds, and he definitely still has room to bulk up a bit in college.

There are a few scouting points that you look for in a quarterback, and Morris possesses all of them.

His arm strength is what really stands out.

He's got a powerful arm and can make any throw on the football field. He really zips the ball to his receivers, but he can also get some arc on it and heave it downfield a good distance.

He also has very good technique when he throws—there's a reason he's the No. 2 pocket passer. He stands tall in the pocket and plants his feet, and he has a very fluid throwing motion.

One way to diagnose a quarterback's arm strength is to watch him throw to the sidelines. A hitch, comeback or any kind of out-route has to be thrown with power to get to the receiver quickly, but it also has to be accurate.

In the picture below Morris is throwing a comeback to the far sideline. Notice how his shoulders are square and his weight is shifting to his front foot, which gives him power.

He makes a beautiful pass, gets the ball to his receiver on a line and completes a big gain on one of the hardest throws for a quarterback to make at the high school level.

Morris has the skill set of a veteran college quarterback and he's just a high school senior. He's going to be very good at the next level.



Morris will be the next great Michigan quarterback. Brady Hoke is slowly, but surely, moving his offense into a more pro-style look, and it's going to fit Morris perfectly.

He really excels when he can stand in the pocket, plant his feet and make a strong throw. Wolverine fans may have gotten used to the speedy and shifty running of Denard Robinson, but things will look a lot different with Morris at the helm.

He's a traditional pocket passer— a very good one, in fact.

The kicker is, that doesn't mean that he's a one dimensional quarterback. As good as Morris is in the pocket, he's still incredibly mobile and fluid as a football player, so he can be a threat as a scrambler, as well.

He's good enough to make something happen when the play breaks down, and that's a quality that we see in many elite quarterbacks.

It's not hard to see Morris being elite at the college level and, perhaps, even beyond.

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