NFL Predictions Week 4: Favorites That Will Dominate

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2012

NFL Predictions Week 4: Favorites That Will Dominate

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    Supposedly nobody likes a bully. But if you're a fan of an NFL favorite this week, you're going to enjoy the pounding your team is about to deliver.

    The replacement referees have been returned to the XFL, so things should settle down on the field. With that in mind, it's likely that underdogs will have more trouble covering the spread, especially at home.

    So who are the tormentors who won't listen to authority this week? Click through to find out.

New England Patriots (-4.5) vs. Buffalo Bills

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    This one has wedgie written all over it.

    The Buffalo Bills are a sneaky 2-1 until you consider who they have beaten. The Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns aren't exactly signature wins.

    To make matters worse, they will be taking on the agitated New England Patriots without one stud running back (C.J. Spiller) and relying heavily on the just-returned-from-injury Fred Jackson.

    The Pats will be coming in ornery after taking two tough-to-swallow losses and having Daddy slap around their head coach. They'll be looking to take out their anger on someone, and the Bills are directly in their path.

    Bring an extra pair of underwear fellas. 

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons (-7.5)

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    Cam Newton will have plenty of reason to continue sulking by himself. He may want to lock himself in a room after this one.

    The Carolina Panthers have an atrocious run defense, giving up 139 yards per game. However, the Atlanta Falcons are unlikely to punish the defensive line and linebackers too much.

    That's because they'll be busy abusing the secondary.

    Nobody knows for sure how poor the Panthers' pass defense is because everyone else has been too busy running the ball. Matt Ryan will have a field day setting the scoreboard on fire and throwing smoke bombs in the Panthers locker room with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. 

    As for Carolina's offense, I'm not sure there is much of one at this point. Aside from their game against the New Orleans Saints, they have 17 total points.

San Francisco 49ers (-4.5) vs. New York Jets

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    The Minnesota Vikings stood up to the bully and knocked them out. That doesn't mean the San Francisco 49ers are going to stop being aggressors—it just means they'll go looking for weaker prey.

    Guess what the New York Jets are?

    Take away Darrelle Revis from that defense, and you're left with a slow, aging unit with a talented yet inconsistent secondary. So long as Alex Smith doesn't get careless, he should be able to bounce back from last week.

    The season opener against the Buffalo Bills was an aberration for the Jets offense. They are a 15-points-per-game team, as they've shown the last two weeks.

    And now they face a defense who was just told no. Mark Sanchez may want to start practicing his fake cough.

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans (-12)

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    Hazing freshmen is a fall tradition. Remember the game "how many freshman can we fit in the port-o-john?"

    Well, we'll find out just how many Tennessee Titans can fit in there Sunday afternoon.

    Jake Locker hasn't seen a defense like this. I understand that Locker isn't a rookie, but the Houston Texans are terrorizing everyone.

    J.J. Watt isn't just making a claim for Defensive Player of the Year—it looks like he wants the Most Valuable Player award too. He already has 5.5 sacks in just three games.

    At least Locker can turn to Chris Johnson. Well, to use his dreads to hide from the pass rush since Johnson won't be running anywhere.

    Last I checked, the Detroit Lions' rushing attack wasn't near the caliber of Houston's running game, yet the Lions rolled up 141 yards on the ground against the Titans.

    Here's hoping the Texans don't push the port-o-potty over with the door facing down.

New York Giants (+1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have been playing a game where they let the loogie hang down and then slurp it up right before it hits their fans in the face.

    This week, the New York Giants will be doing the same with the Eagles.

    The Giants are everything the Eagles have seemed destined to be with their two Super Bowl titles. There is no doubt that Philly fans are absolutely beside themselves that it's been their division rival and not them.

    New York is locked in right now. The Giants have young, unproven guys putting up crazy numbers because they're finally getting a shot. The Andre Browns have made more of an impact on the team than just their performance. They motivate starters, like Ahmad Bradshaw (who is determined to play this week), to stay on top of their game so they don't lose their starting spots.

    The Eagles have been somewhat lucky to get the two wins they have. It will be another week, at least, until they add to that total.

    I understand that the Giants are not the technically favored team. However, Vegas gives a home team three points just for hosting, therefore, New York can be considered for our purposes.