Wade Barrett's Return and How It Could Lead to John Cena

Adam NystromCorrespondent IISeptember 28, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Wade Barrett has been back on the active WWE roster for a month and has made his presence felt in the form of a new attitude as well as a new finishing move. 

His Fight Club-like vignettes hyping his return spoke of his need to return to his origins, referencing his time in England as a bare knuckle boxer.

Upon returning, he declared himself "open for business."  What exactly did he mean?  Is he starting something similar to the APA during their beer-drinking, cigar-smoking business boom?  Is it his own loose definition of going into business for himself and taking out whoever he deems necessary?  Is something bigger in his plan?

I believe that last option is most likely, and all of it will lead to unfinished business with John Cena.

Let's go back to Wade Barrett's first days with WWE as the leader of the Nexus; a stable of rookies from then upstart show NXT who debuted by destroying everyone and everything on their first appearance on Raw. 

At the front of this attack was, of course, Barrett—the winner of NXT.  He immediately took special interest in Cena and went to war with him for months, trading singles, tag team and elimination match wins and losses with Cena for six months. 

By the time Barrett lost to Cena at WWE TLC in December of 2010, they had established one of the most heated feuds in wrestling.

And just like that, it was over.

CM Punk took over ownership of the Nexus, sending Wade Barrett packing over to Smackdown during the final year when the shows would remain truly exclusive of each other. 

John Cena would keep himself occupied with The Miz and The Rock before losing the WWE Championship to CM Punk. 

Barrett was on the rise to becoming true World Heavyweight Champion material before a nasty injury kept him out for six months.

So, if Wade Barrett wants to go back to his roots, why not look to his WWE origins as well?

The clash of styles could make for an incredible dynamic.  John Cena, a native of the small town of West Newbury, Massachusetts, was groomed from the very beginning to be one of the biggest names in the history of WWE.  He spent barely a year training before signing his developmental deal in 2001, and the rest we know by now—regardless of what our opinion of him and his ability might be. 

Wade Barrett came to us from across the pond, growing up in Wales and Liverpool, where he spent time as a boxer and majored in marine biology at university. 

This eclectic mix of backgrounds clashes with Cena's good-old-boy image of the small town hero made good, and would establish a perfect reason to reignite their past conflict.

We already heard a very loud "We want Nexus" chant from the crowd in Bridgeport, CT during a match between Barrett and Justin Gabriel.  At least one city made it clear that they had not forgotten a meaningful time in both men's careers, and the fact that Michael Cole even acknowledged it said quite a bit as well. 

All it would take is one night of Barrett interfering in John Cena's match (perhaps after Hell in A Cell) to lead to another scenario where both men form teams to face off at Survivor Series.

Barrett, incensed at Cena's constant pandering to people at the lowest common denominator, reminds Cena that they have unfinished business from two years prior.  Barrett has gone back to "reignite the flame" and to do that, he must extinguish the soul of the WWE in Cena. 

Since neither Raw nor Smackdown hold truly exclusive rosters anymore, Barrett would be free to show up during Cena's segments as he pleases.

Wade Barrett needs a huge storyline to help him gain back the momentum he lost by sitting out half a year that included a WrestleMania.  John Cena is just the man to do it and put Barrett over the top in the process.