WWE: Kane & Daniel Bryan Are Leading a Reinvigorated Tag Team Division

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

There aren’t enough established tag teams in WWE.

Most of the time, it’s just two random workers thrown together, with little to nothing in common, who are then pushed to the top of the division.  They eventually win the tag team championships, and we as fans are all left lamenting the apparent death of real, credible, tag team wrestling in the largest pro wrestling company in the world.

You've read those words a lot, haven’t you?  Me too.  In fact, I’ve written those very words many times in the past.

It’s a common complaint among fans, and the truth is, it’s usually at least No. 2 or 3 on the long list of grievances that we have against WWE.

Sometimes, it even comes in at No. 1.

The biggest reason for this is not only because many of us are fans of great tag team wrestling, but that there is such a rich history we look back to so often, and with such admiration.

The Hart Foundation, Edge & Christian, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, Demolition, The New Age Outlaws, The Hardy Boyz, Too Cool, The Dudleys, and of course, The Road Warriors.  All tag team legends in WWE, and all responsible for bringing fans to their feet, and more importantly, bringing them back for more.

Indeed, WWE’s commitment to the tag team division was very strong at many points in the past, and it is a real shame that there is such a lack of focus now.

But, this is nothing new.  We all understand that tag team wrestling is not the money maker that it used to be, and that there seems to be no rush to try and return the division back to any form where it could be that again.

So, as many of us have come to terms with that, perhaps the time has come to just let all those frustrations go, and once again attempt to enjoy the product.

And lucky for us we have Team Hell No making it fun again.

Man, that sounded weird.

Kane and Daniel Bryan have managed to do what virtually no other combination could do since the tag team boom of the early 2000s, something that we perhaps thought we would never see again.

They have made tag team wrestling entertaining again.  And, they have just gotten started.

When WWE first paired this odd couple together, the initial reaction from fans could have been one of disinterest, a flashback to so many wrong combos from the past.  But, this was no ordinary randomly assembled team.

This was the result of two guys who had been making us laugh and causing us to tune in every Monday night with more anticipation than the week before.  

Simply put, Kane and Daniel Bryan are just killing it every time they’re on TV.  And we just can’t get enough of it.

Now that they have officially been branded with a tag team name, the anger management classmates are looking more like the real deal than ever before.

Well, unless you count the numerous times they’ve tried to beat each other down.

But, they just seem to fit.  Seeing the Big Red Monster next to the smaller, insanely neurotic Daniel Bryan, is a pairing that on its face, should not work.  However, each man is so good in his respective character, that together they are able to use that as common ground, and come together to form something that fans just want to see.

And, they are likely not the last team who can make that claim.

This past Monday on Raw, we saw the formation of another partnership, when Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow announced that Team Rhodes Scholars would be gunning for Kane and Bryan’s newly won WWE Tag Team Championships.

Unlike Daniel and Kane, Cody and Damien have two gimmicks that are very similar.  They are both very cocky heels, who believe that everyone else is below them in terms of importance and class.

Seeing these two together seems like a perfect fit, and they should be great antagonists for the reigning tag champs.

With the Prime Time Players still fighting for a chance at the gold, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio compiling an impressive record, and Justin Gabriel tagging with Tyson Kidd, we now have a division that is finally worth watching.

Kane and Bryan were the spark.  They made the tag belts, which rise and fall in popularity depending on who is holding them, relevant once again.  Now that they have gained traction as a team, and since fans are buying into it, WWE is doing the right thing by capitalizing on it.

They’re striking while the iron is hot.  Providing more teams provides more competition, and that means more spotlight for the division.  And, that has to mean something.

No, there are not enough established tag teams in WWE.  And yes, all of these teams are just randomly assembled talents with virtually no reason to work together.

And, who cares?

This is the hand that we as fans are dealt.  So, instead of living in the past, maybe it’s time to accept what we have been given, and just have some fun with it.

And, to think, we have Team Hell No to thank for it.

That still sounds weird.