Wisconsin Badgers Fans Make Gangnam Style All Their Own

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Badger Style is a thing, and it looks pretty damn fun. 

The one song powerful enough to slay the evil "Call Me Maybe" will soon devolve into a sound not unlike your alarm clock in the morning. 

Until "Gangnam Style" becomes forever annoying, if it already hasn't, there are a few more parody songs to sing along to. 

For this video (h/t Big Lead Sports), Wisconsin’s David Yang actually does a great deal more than horribly lip-sync over the original song. 

Thankfully, we get something new and refreshing, with delightful co-eds dancing and prancing around in the background. 

There is even a disclaimer announcing that no underage drinking was performed during the making of the video to ease the minds of parents and stick-in-the-muds across the nation.

Not sure about before or after. 

At around the 1:10 mark, we get a nice little remix using the melodies from House of Pain's "Jump Around."

This remix may not save lives, but it passes the test of any parody video we plan on holding dear in the future. It's wildly different, and it ordered heavy on the lovely ladies. 

You now have your blueprint "Gangnam Style" fans. 

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