Cleveland Browns Improve by Shedding K2

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

The new Browns' leadership has made a statement: Talent alone will not keep you in an orange helmet. Kellen Winslow, the talented, often injured tight end has finally been moved from the team that was unable to make him happy.

I, personally, never thought that he was as valuable as most others did. He missed as many games as he played in, had five surgeries on his knee, was a malcontent, and absolutely refused to block.

Not to mention that his agent is a cancer on the entire league.

After the Romeo Crennel years, when players weren't held accountable for their performance, and there were as many excuses as necessary, it was refreshing to see a move designed to improve this team.

I foresee problems, of course. Discipline will be a hard thing to bring to a team that has had no concept of it. There will be complaints and power struggles.

I applaud this move.

Unlike many others, I don't believe that this is a talented team that underachieved. I believe this team lacks talent and was misjudged when it won 10 games two seasons ago. A team that, again, needs rebuilding.

Eric Mangini will not tolerate public whining by his players. He will not play quarterbacks who cannot move the ball, receivers who cannot catch a pass.

Discipline and pride are the first things that this team needs.

So far, I believe that the new powers in Cleveland are moving in the right direction.