Adam Greenberg: Marlins Make Great PR Move Offering Former Prospect One At-Bat

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2012

MESA, AZ - MARCH 4:  Adam Greenberg #66 of the Chicago Cubs looks on against the San Francisco Giants during a Spring Training game on March 4, 2005 at HoHoKam Park in Mesa, Arizona. The Cubs defeated the Giants 8-3.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Adam Greenberg's place in Major League Baseball history is a lot more like the scene involving Moonlight Graham from Field of Dreams than the fairy tale that we all dream about as little kids. 

The Miami Marlins, who played a vital role in the end of Greenberg's career, are offering him a chance to achieve his dream with one more at-bat, according to Willie Weinbaum of

The Marlins received approval from MLB commissioner Bud Selig to give Greenberg a plate appearance next week. Miami will host the New York Mets, who are scheduled to start knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

The game, as mentioned, will take place on Tuesday in Miami. 

If you haven't heard of him, you probably aren't alone. Greenberg was drafted and signed by the Chicago Cubs in the ninth round of the 2002 draft. He played college baseball at the University of North Carolina, a very good program. 

He spent the subsequent two years working his way up the minor league ladder, waiting for his opportunity to play in the big leagues. That moment finally came on July 9, 2005, against the Florida Marlins. 

What should have been the best moment of his professional life turned into a catastrophe. Valerio de los Santos delivered a pitch that hit Greenberg in the head. After that pitch, Greenberg battled post-concussion symptoms that ended his long-term prospects for a major league career.

Now, the Marlins are giving him a chance to end his career on his terms, and good for everyone involved. This has been a disastrous season for the Marlins, who spent a lot of money in the offseason for the first time in the franchise's history and moved into a new stadium after years of battling to get one financed. 

Yet for all the hope they had coming into the season, they are 66-89, good for last place in the National League East. 

If that isn't bad enough, Ozzie Guillen and team owner Jeffrey Loria are reportedly at odds with each other over comments made by Guillen. 

This season has been a public relations nightmare for the Marlins, so why not do something that brings positive press to the team and gets people at least interested in a late-September game between two teams that aren't going anywhere?

Greenberg deserves a chance at a proper ending after having his career taken away from him, and the Marlins are giving it to him. Good for Greenberg for getting the chance, and good for the Marlins for allowing it to be in their ballpark.