2012 Seminole Revenge Tour Keeps Chugging Along: Next Stop Tampa

ABCCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2012

The Seminoles of Florida State need to take USF out to the woodshed on Saturday night. It needs to be a nasty, physical, violent thrashing that once again reminds the college football nation these Seminoles are for real.

The media wants to see it, and the country wants to see it. Seminole glory must be unleashed. Tune into ESPN and it’s practically a nonstop love affair with the Garnet and Gold.

The country wants FSU back. Why? Because the country knows that FSU is the only team left that can take down the mighty SEC (most likely Alabama).

Florida State did everything it could to lose the game last Saturday—12 penalties, sloppy tackling, fumbles, blown coverages and missed field goals—and still wound up dominating the Tigers.

But it wasn’t enough. An 18-point lead with two minutes left was not enough domination. The Tigers were clearly a highly inferior opponent and everyone knows the Seminoles should have thrashed them by much more than 12 points.

This is the week Florida State corrects those mistakes, shreds that No. 4 ranking and showcases the kind of talent that is capable of dethroning the SEC.

There is probably not a single player on USF’s team who could crack Florida State’s two-deep depth chart. South Florida’s head coach Skip Holtz—when asked about the Florida State game—said, “We’re going to have to play a great football game if we want to have any chance at all…This team can embarrass you in a heartbeat….They have the talent and ability to embarrass a lot of people.”

The mismatch is colossal—Skip is correct. Florida State is superior at every position, and that is indisputable.

But the country is waiting to see if FSU can handle its own greatness. Can Florida State, knowing it is a far superior team and one being picked to play in the BCS Championship game, avoid the clutter and take care of business?

Can James Wilder Jr., in his native Tampa, continue to play grown man football and bulldoze defenders like he's capable of?

Can EJ Manuel handle all the new Heisman speculation and march his tribe down the field on every drive? 

Will the defense, knowing South Florida cannot just line up and play big boy football, be prepared for a new galaxy of trick plays and razzle-dazzle nonsense?

FSU needs to look like a crisp team on Saturday—it needs to dominate this Big East bottom-dweller.

The Seminoles must snatch the souls of this South Florida team and keep showing that this 2012 Tribe is for real.