WWE: 5 Reasons Why the Reality Era Is Now Upon Us

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WWE: 5 Reasons Why the Reality Era Is Now Upon Us
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The attitude era was one of the greatest periods in WWE history. But let’s face it, it isn’t coming back.

And quite frankly, it shouldn’t.

Trying to recreate such an iconic age would most likely result in substandard version doomed for failure, considering the success before was based on unique characters such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

Nonetheless, it’s time for a change in the WWE.

The current PG era has now been in existence for just more than four years. Its inception was widely regarded to have started in June of 2008 (via WWE.com).

Historically, the typical length of each notable era from the last two decades is between three and five years.

The New Generation existed around 1992 and the Montreal Screwjob was in 1997. The Attitude era graced our televisions until Wrestlemania X-Seven in 2001, and Ruthless Aggression was the dominant concept from 2002 to 2006.

Thus, if recent trends are anything to go by, the PG era has just about run its course.

Of course, it is not as straightforward as this. The periods tend to merge into one another with the definitive lines between each age somewhat blurry and difficult to pinpoint exactly.

But in my eyes, the WWE is now entering a period that been steadily manifesting itself for more than a year now.

It's a period otherwise known as the Reality Era.

This article gives five key reasons why this era is now upon us.

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