Are the Cleveland Browns Better Without Kellen Winslow?

Football Maniaxs@@FantasymaniaxsSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2009

By now, you have heard that TE Kellen Winslow has been traded from Cleveland to Tampa Bay. The news has been given and analyzed. Kellen is still a top-three TE even though he does not have a top QB throwing him the ball.

Some will tell you this may be a good thing, as a Luke McCown, or whoever wins the Bucs' starting QB job, will use him often as a security blanket. But this is not all that needs to be analyzed. That is the Cleveland Browns itself.

Cleveland has not had a good run the last few years. The most concerning is that there was Staph bacteria in the training area last year, and it caused Winslow hospital time and games.

The fact there was an infection is a breakdown in the everyday running of the league. Cleveland cleaned house (literally and figuratively) last season, so in comes Eric Mangini. And with what we have seen early, I have some concerns.

Mangini’s first head coaching job was with the Jets and it lasted three seasons. He impressed the league with a 10-6 record his first season and a playoff birth. That season earned him the nickname of "Mangenius", even tough that didn't last very long...

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