Manny Ramirez: Take The Money and Go Away

dave darbySenior Analyst IMarch 6, 2009

The best part of this deal is everyone can shut up about it! We can get back to real baseball news without the lead story being Manny rejecting the latest offer from the Dodgers. After I hit submit on this article, I won't waste another minute on either Manny or the deal.

The whole thing was silly since Manny and the Dodgers were the only card players in the poker game. The Dodgers are a playoff contender with Ramirez and are not without him. No other team was active in signing Manny during this debacle.

The NFL is filled with vets who delay a deal to shorten their preseason obligations. Baseball historically does not have that issue, but Manny is anything but normal. The deal is similar to a prior rejected deal and only adds to the Manny being Manny legend.

I don't know if I can blame Scott Boras or not, as Ramirez says he was in contact daily and controls his madness.  Right now, I'm willing to blame them all for the nonsense we have been put through.

All I want is for Manny to patrol left field for the Dodgers, be quiet and to make a few diving cutoffs from Matt Kemp to second base.

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