CM Punk: How Paul Heyman Is Enhancing His Act without Distracting from Him

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Paul Heyman is a mouthpiece.  It's why he was used to help Brock Lesnar when he had his run in the WWE.  Lesnar was a fantastic wrestler who had weak mic skills, so Paul Heyman was used as his mouthpiece for promos.

CM Punk, though, is much different.

Instead of acting like a mouthpiece only, Heyman is enhancing Punk's gimmick without distracting from him.

These two together on the mic make a dangerous combination, as general manager A.J. Lee would find out on RAW last Monday.  After being belittled by Punk, she was then belittled by Heyman.

Heyman is a mouthpiece, but a different type of mouthpiece when it comes to CM Punk.  He hasn't taken over on the microphone for Punk or in promos but instead, he enhances them with his seemingly endless admiration for the WWE champion.


Bigger Pipe Bombs

Paul Heyman has only helped make CM Punk and his pipe bombs even better than they normally are.  Looking again to what they did on Monday night RAW, it's a prime example of how Heyman helps Punk deliver.

Punk embarrassed A.J. by reminding her of just how crazy she was over him.  Heyman only made things worse by proposing to her, and calling her dumb.

The beauty of making Punk's pipe bombs even better, though, is how Heyman doesn't even need to say anything.  At the end of RAW on Monday night, for example, when Punk was trying to intimidate John Cena, Heyman just stood in the background, holding the title and laughing.

Then when Punk turned his back to Cena, Heyman did too, raising the title in the air so everyone could see it.  Little things like this help enhance Punk's gimmick while not taking the focus away from him.

Heyman has been more of a representative of Punk than an actual mouthpiece.  Mick Foley might be speaking the truth when he told Punk that Heyman is only looking out for himself in the end, but for now it looks like Heyman is only making Punk's promos and pipe bombs even better.


Not Getting Involved

Heyman and Punk might be in cahoots, but that doesn't mean Heyman is stuck to Punk's side like glue.  While this might not seem like a big deal, it gives Punk and Heyman some separation, and it makes it clear that Punk doesn't need Heyman to fight his battles for him.

When RAW was in Montreal, for example, Punk went out and confronted Cena and Bret Hart on his own and was able to cut a great promo without the help of Heyman.

Heyman is also not getting involved in Punk's matches.  While it may have seemed likely to expect Heyman to help Punk retain the WWE championship at Night of Champions, Heyman played little involvement.  Instead, he was more like a ring-side guest sitting back and watching the match.

Sure, Heyman was by Punk's side when the match was over, but he played no role in helping Punk in his match.

Heyman only enhanced it by talking to the ref the Monday night after RAW and explaining how the ref didn't make the wrong decision.

Even during the tag match later on that night, Heyman didn't get involved.  Punk put his foot on the ropes himself, and Heyman only played a role in helping Punk belittle the ref and his mistake. 


The Voice of The Voice of the Voiceless

Paul Heyman is more like a hype man than a mouthpiece when it comes to CM Punk.  He might refer to himself as the voice of the voice of the voiceless, and that might be true.  Heyman can speak on behalf of Punk for certain issues, like we saw him do when Cena wanted a rematch after Night of Champions.

For the most part, though, through this Heyman-Punk alliance, Heyman has simply stood at Punk's side, hyping him up by agreeing with his complaints of respect and following him to ringside, holding the championship belt.

Punk has defended himself without Heyman and has used Heyman to make his promo's even better.

Heyman has also not played a role in Punk's matches yet, which helps keep the attention from retaining the title on Punk, instead of shifting to Heyman.

It would be easy for Paul Heyman to distract the WWE Universe away from Punk and his gimmick, but instead, Heyman has enhanced Punk's heel turn and has made his promos and actions even better.