New York Yankees Don't Need Hip Hop at Third Base

Joe NoaCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

It just seems like Alex Rodriguez doesn't want to have without being the center of attention.

That happens when you sign a $300 million deal and you put yourself in that spot. The light is on A-Rod. He's a reality show. He is a combination of "Survivor," "Hell's Kitchen," and "The Biggest Loser."

A-Rod now has a cyst in his hip socket. The Yankee public relations were quick to point out it is not steroid related. If it isn't, then why bring it up?

As of now, the Yankees are ruling out surgery. He can play through this. He'll take treatment and play through it. Bo Jackson felt the same way until he was dragging his feet, unable to lift his leg in a mild sprint down the baseline.

It's too soon to tell if Alex will need to retire prematurely. The hip is nothing to take lightly. This is a joint that affect all parts of your body.

Alex will be babied. He'll DH more. The problem is this hip injury will not go away. How many times are the doctors going to drain this cyst? It may get worse as the season goes on. Alex can't take the pain any more, he may opt for surgery and end his season.

This is something the Yankees need to consider. Their "asset" may not be able to finish the season. This may be disastrous for any chance the Yankees may have to win the division.

It may be better for Alex to get this out of the way and come back by mid May.

Cashman may have to dip into the stimulus package in hopes of getting a temporary replacement at third.

Otherwise, it is an expensive "asset" to pay for a one-legged man. Get well Alex.