Hello, Goodbye

Nola ChickCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

“Hello Heath.”
Awww…but we like Mike.”
T.O.? Hell no!
Lose Lance? Not a chance.”

Who needs reality TV drama when you can “get your popcorn ready” for the soap opera known as NFL free agency? Teams are signing and dumping players faster than AIG can request more bailout money! It’s magically delicious.

Down in the Big Easy, we Saints fans are pseudo-mourning the loss of another favorite. Fullback Mike Karney may not have been on anyone’s “top ten list” over his four-year career with the team, but he was a solid player who worked hard, blocked well, and occasionally pulled off the big play at just the right time. (Anybody remember that gasm-inducing performance he pulled off against the Cowboys two seasons ago? Oh yeah!) Not to mention he was often the main blocker for main man Deuce McAllister.

To replace Karney, the Saints signed former Patriots running back Heath Evans to a two year contract. The eight-year veteran has lined up as a tailback and tight end and he’s also played on special teams. He’s known as a tough guy who’s only been inactive three times in his career. And with Karney getting the boot, he’ll get to keep his old jersey number: 44.

Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

With the Saints making all these moves, one can’t help but wonder why they haven’t made the most obvious move…that being to resign Lance Moore. The restricted free agent likely isn’t getting any serious offers yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And since the Saints locked things up with Devery, it’s probably best they settle in with the guy who gave Drew Brees an easy target week after week. I know it’s too early to get nervous but this is the Saints we’re talking about.

One thing that will leave all of us sleeping easier, Sean Payton also pities the fool who picks up Terrell Owens. I had to laugh out loud when I heard the rumors (just hours after T.O. got cut from the Cowboys) that the Saints wanted a piece of that. But Sean Payton was quick to respond with a Whitney Houston-esque “oh hell to the no!” The Saints join what Yahoo Sports considers a long list of teams who want nothing to do with the All-Star, All-Psycho wide receiver. (Check it out here.)

We’re keeping a close eye on Owens’ ordeal. After all, just because you fans don’t like him doesn’t mean you’re not afraid to play against the crazy bastard. Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder if this means Tony Romo will be forced to hop on the bandwagon and blame his mom-jeans wearing girlfriend Jessica Simpson for why he sucks next season.

We love this game.