WWE: The John Cena/Rise Above Cancer Controversy; Does It Exist?

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IISeptember 27, 2012

Photo Courtesy: WWE.com
Photo Courtesy: WWE.com

One thing I've come to learn after 20-plus years of being a wrestling fan is that there will always be something controversial in the wacky world of WWE. Whether it is Bret Hart getting "screwed" in Montreal or a certain professional wrestler going insane and murdering his wife and kid before taking his own life, there always seems to be something.

However, there are wrestling fans out there that tend to create their own dramatic controversies by posting on various forums. They try to get people talking and draw the spotlight to themselves in an effort to "get over" with the rest of the IWC.

While searching the forums on the net and doing what most wrestling nerds do, I came across a post from someone on a pretty popular Facebook wrestling page.

It is called "The Pro Wrestling Zone," or PWZ for short, and one of their admins posted a long, drawn-out rant about how WWE is using the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation as a way to get John Cena cheered in arenas around the country.

Here is the excerpt directly from the site. I must warn you: They do not worry about grammar, punctuation, syntax or anything else along those lines. They just post rants...all day long. If you care to read it, be my guest, if not, skip to the end of the quote:

Wearing "Rise Above Caner" ring gear before his match in his hometown at NOC? The fact that they do close ups to women cheering for cena because he's wearing pink color representing him being supportive of breast cancer awareness and how they need to have a cure for that cancer.

WHO WOULD HONESTLY BOO THE GUY SUPPORTING CANCER AWARENESS? I respect the causes but you can't honestly say that wwe is doing this not just to make John cena look good but to also get good publicty for Linda Mcmahon's senate campaign.

Stand up for wwe involved nearly every face and every heel, BE A STAR again every face and every heel, Breast Cancer awareness only involved John cena? That's odd dispite him being a massive draw what about orton? What about Ryder? Sheamus? What about brodus? Or the divas their women who could be effected by this. Just like those other 2 movements it was all away to support linda's senate run.

Not just John cena can carry the flag for the support of breast cancer. I'm not against what they're doing but if you honestly believe thiss isn't in someway supporting Linda Mcmahon's senate run after being bashed about her past in the attitude era in a video or helping John cena get more respect as a babyface then you're kidding yourselves. -MJ-

This is basically an uneducated, ridiculous rant meant to get people talking on this Facebook Community Page. In my case, it definitely worked. Not only did I get into a multi-message discussion with this fellow, but I decided to shoot on the topic on my weekly radio show.

However, considering I have "Featured Columnist" status here on Bleacher Report, I feel like I should ask the question to my readers. Is there a controversy surrounding John Cena wearing "Rise Above Cancer" gear on Raw every Monday? Shouldn't they have a different superstar rocking the same kind of gear on Smackdown? Is this all just a way to get the crowd to embrace John Cena as the top babyface in the company?

Assuming you didn't take the time to log onto that page and scroll through hundreds of odd posts that make little sense to read my responses, I'm going to let you know how I feel right now.

No, WWE is not doing this as a way to get John Cena cheered in arenas throughout the country. The fact will always remain that John Cena will carry the WWE flag until Vince McMahon decides he won't anymore. Supporting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is something that fans should be proud of. Don't try to pull attention away from the reason this is happening and put it on your silly point of view.

The reason WWE pulled pink off of all other wrestlers is to draw attention to the John Cena merchandise because 100 percent of profits are going directly to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. If every superstar on the roster has the same type of gear on, it doesn't make it special.

Why not focus the campaign around the guy that has arguably sold more merchandise than any wrestler in the history of WWE?

John Cena will get jeers from the crowd in every arena he goes to in the country no matter what he says or does. For years, it has become "cool" to boo John Cena out of the building.

And WWE likes it that way.

Furthermore, WWE is not doing this to help benefit the campaign of Linda McMahon for Senator of Connecticut. This is a great public relations move, but it will not factor into the dirty political plays that are going on in Connecticut at the moment.

The "Stand Up For WWE" campaign came at a time when political activists were trying to hurt the infrastructure of WWE. There is no doubt that this campaign was started in an effort to make people aware of the truth.

WWE grants more wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation then any company in the world, and the top wish granter of all time is John Cena. In my mind, getting involved with Make-A-Wish might be the most positive move that WWE has ever made.

"Be A Star" hosts rallies across the country and gives children the education to learn about the dangers and effects of bullying. There is nothing negative about it whatsoever.

WWE's involvement in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is absolutely fantastic. It is a positive step in the right direction for the company, John Cena and every wrestling fan involved.

We as wrestling fans should be proud of what WWE is doing.

There is no controversy or conspiracy involving WWE using the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation as a way to create a better crowd response for John Cena.

Unless enough people read this to start one...


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