M&M's are Sweet, but Kyle Busch is Sweeter

Tony SvobodaContributor IMarch 5, 2009

M&M's sponsors Kyle Busch, a rising star—not a one hit wonder. The young star has come on the scene with great audacity.

Busch has run great so far this season, and I'm picking him to win the Sprint Cup Championship. Mark it down.

He had a great run to start in the Daytona 500, going from 41st to fourth, and it was simply amazing. Steve Addington is a great crew chief—getting Busch into his position was amazing.

Kyle had his worst finish this year at the Auto Club 500, and it was 10th. Horrible start, I know. Busch had a good race.

At the Shelby 427, Busch won in a great race.

With Busch running this well, I don't really see him losing. Matt Kenseth had a very good start by winning both 500's this year, but I do not see this lasting all season. 

The magical thing about Busch is how young, yet clutch he can be. A clutch driver is what what it takes to win the championship this year and in future years.

M&M's are sweet, but Busch is sweeter!