Whose Really Worthy?

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

John Cena, Edge, HHH, why are these guys champion every time I change my daughter. Seriously, it's becoming annoying. I know these guys are the most popular superstars, but they are not everyone's favorite. There are plenty of guys in the back that deserve, and need, a title run.    

First, lets start with Jeff Hardy. This guys popularity is through the roof, and right now, he may be the most popular guy in WWE. He puts his body on the line every night. He does everything he can, in the ring, to steal the show every night.

Why make his title run last for only a month? I don't understand. The crowds go into an absolute frenzy when his music hits. It's almost as overwhelming as all the boos John Cena used to get.

Face it, one month is not enough. Jeff Hardy deserves way more. I know it won't happen anytime soon, not with his rivalry against his brother Matt picking up steam, but after he takes care of business, he definitely needs another title shot.

Next, lets talk about HBK. The "Show Stopper", and in my opinion, the best overall performer in the business has today, and in history for that matter. He's been an influence to many superstars, even the young ones.

How does a guy like this only have four title reigns to his name? Shawn Michaels has done it all, and for all his contributions to the sport, I feel he deserves one more good run as champ.

It's obvious that retirement is something Shawn has been asked about. It is also likely that it is something he is beginning to consider at this point in his career. The least this business could do is give him one more run.

He deserves it way more than Edge, John Cena, or HHH. I also want to add that two of his runs were postponed due to injury, and one only lasted for a month. HBK, in the eyes of many, should be champion again.

The next guy I feel should be champion has had a title run recently. If we are going to have repeat champions, then why not put the belt back on Randy Orton? I don't feel that he will pick up the victory against HHH @ WM, but I hope he does.

Not only is he a great athlete, this man is entertaining. He might not be as deserving as most guys, but I speak for alot of wrestling fans when I say RKO=dominance and gold.

Last on my list of worthy contenders is the man I think is most deserving of the title, Kane. In his almost 15 year career, if you include Issac Yankem DDS, he has only been champ once. Yes, that's it, once. Not to mention it lasted one whole day. Yes, that's it, one whole day.

Kane is a good competitor. He's a monster, a hungry one at that. With the crap that the WWE has put in MITB, Kane is a shoe in for a victory. He is 1-1 in ladder matches, and he has to be the hungriest guy in the WWE. he's pretty popular as well.

If he does win, and does cash in his title shot at a PPV, this won't be good. He will likely lose the title the next night on raw. If he's drafted to Smackdown, he will just lose it there.

Kane is a beast and very worthy. Along with HBK, Kane really deserves at least one more good run as champ.

With 2009 already off to a good start, there are plenty of guys who have stepped up and raised the bar in the last year or so. Guys like John Cena, HHH, Edge, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and Batista have held the title multiple times.

These men have had their runs as champions, and they will for many more years. I think more than just the last seven guys who have held the title in the last three years should be considered "worthy". I hope the WWE realizes this and give some of the guys the richest prize in the business.

Thanks for taking a peek. This is my first article posted so please give me some feedback so I learn how to better my writing skills. Leave some comments as well!


The Legacy Kid,

Jay Rob