NBA 2K13: Teams That Will Dominate New Video Game

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NBA 2K13: Teams That Will Dominate New Video Game
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If NBA 2K13 is anything like its predecessor, it won't be an easy video game. 

Everything about 2K12 was a challenge, but that's just one of the (many) reasons it was so hard to put down. While you can probably expect more of the same from this year's version, there a few teams that will make life a lot easier on you—and a lot tougher on your friend or opponent. 

Let's take a look.

Have you ever beat LeBron James in a video game?

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Miami Heat

Um, have you ever tried to stop LeBron James in a video game?

Yeah, it just doesn't happen. 

Seriously, that's all you need to know. There are obviously plenty of other incredibly solid pieces on this team, but just like in real life, it doesn't get any more unstoppable than LBJ. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder literally have every aspect that makes a good virtual team.

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Someone who can score from anywhere on the court and, most importantly, hit threes all game long?


A point guard who you'd be lucky to stay in front of—and lucky not to get dunked over by him?


A big man who can control the paint on the defensive end and bring his man away from the hoop on the offensive end with his mid-range jumper?

Who is your team of choice when you have to have a win?

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An elite bench option who will absolutely dominate whatever backup shooting guard someone tries to put on him?


And most importantly, a scrappy defender who will get that timely steal in the last two minutes of the game?

Check and mate.

In case you were wondering, I'm talking about Nick Collison, Derek Fisher, Kendrick Perkins, Daequan Cook and Cole Adrich, in that exact order. 

Oh yeah, and Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, James Harden and Thabo Sefolosha make this a pretty unbeatable team, as well. 

Golden State Warriors

HA! Bet you thought you never thought the day would come when you would read a list with the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder AND the Golden State Warriors on it.

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You might struggle on D, but you're also going to score a ton of points

Well, I'm here to make dream comes true. 

Anyway, the Warriors will score very highly in one of the most—if not, the most— important video game attributes: putting the ball in the basket.

Just think about it.

The video game version of Stephen Curry won't have glass ankles, meaning you will be able to blow by defenders or fire away with his deadly three-pointer all game long.

If someone defends him, just give it to Klay Thompson, who is just as accurate from the outside. 

Thompson struggling? No worry, you still have Brandon Rush, Harrison Barnes, Richard Jefferson and a slew of other wings who can knock down the three with ease. 

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Plus, there's nothing more fun than playing with rookies. I'm not sure why, but it's true.

What will make the Warriors such a low-rated team in the game, and in real life, is their big men,who bring with them lots of uncertainty. But David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Carl Landry, Draymond Green and big Jeremy Tyler are more than enough to do whatever little tasks you need of your big men when playing against your friends. 

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