NFL Referee Lockout: Why the Regular Officials Are Getting Too Much Love

Chris Schad@@crishadContributor IIISeptember 26, 2012

Replacement refs are getting torn apart for Monday's end-of-game fiasco, but the regular officials could have made the same mistake.
Replacement refs are getting torn apart for Monday's end-of-game fiasco, but the regular officials could have made the same mistake.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

By now, you've heard that the replacement referees made the wrong call at the end of the Seattle Seahawks' 14-7 win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday night. Because so many people saw this travesty, it's been called one of the biggest disgraces in the history of the human race.

OK, people haven't gone that far, but we're starting to reach that point.

Thousands (and possibly millions) of National Football League fans have grabbed megaphones and marched to commissioner Roger Goodell's office demanding that the NFL bring back its regular referees, who have been locked out over a labor dispute.

The pleas seem to have worked, as, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL and National Football League Referees Association are close to an agreement that would bring the regular officials back to the field.

Based on the outrage of Monday night's shenanigans, the regular officials will get a ticker-tape parade in New York's Canyon of Heroes and be welcomed back onto the field with the most open of arms and standing ovations across the NFL.

After all, it's not like Ed Hochuli would ever make a mistake like that. Oh, wait.

Well, I've heard Bill Levy has had his moments too. Remember that Super Bowl he called a couple of years ago? Oh, that was messed up too, apparently.

Alright, but the officials in the 2009 NFC Championship game had some deadly accuracy when enforcing roughing the passer on Brett Favre. Wait..wrong again.

Hopefully you're beginning to see my point here. The replacement officials are getting a bad rap because they haven't been out on an NFL field for several seasons. And if they miss a call that even a regular official would miss, football fans go into "#OMG" mode.

The replacement officials were never out to screw your team, and they never meant to screw the Green Bay Packers. They simply missed the call and the Packers lost the game. It happens.

In fact, one of the regular refs will miss a call against somebody's favorite team in the near future. Then we'll hear an outcry of "Bring the replacement refs back!"

It will be nice to have the faces we're used to officiating games on Sunday, but don't act like Superman is returning to save the NFL shield from a crashing replacement-referee meteor.