T.O. : The GI Joe With No More Ammo

A BContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Terrell Owens: Cocky, Arrogant, Egotistical, Swaggering (and you better believe that no one on the corner has swagger like him).

Even John Madden has said that every great receiver must play with a chip on their shoulder, but when that chip flies off and becomes a shard in the neck, enough is enough. 

Even I must admit that I was kind of surprised when the George Steinbrenner of the NFL released Mr. T.O.  Over the years, his antics have literally become a part of football.  Unfortunately? Maybe. 

The older I get, the more annoying wide receivers get.  Aside from Jerry Rice, Andre Reed and my hometown homeboy Anquan Boldin, Terrell Owens used to be my favorite player (the only reason he isn't is because of the star, but that is neither here nor there, and shall be saved for another article, Cowboy lovers). 

Growing up I payed no attention to the attitudes and the off-field antics of the NFL superstars, but again, the older I get, the more it annoys me.

Maybe it's because the older I get, the more I realize they live the lives that most of us can only dream about. 

Every NFL season, and now even in the off-season, we have to hear about players crying about their contracts or being in trouble with the law.  Then again, we aren't them, so we really don't know the lifestyle.

If you showed me a list of NFL teams and told me to pick some that could possibly sign T.O., I could show you 5 with a zero percent chance before I could show you 1 with a 10% chance. 

There are 5 teams that T.O. literally has no chance in playing for: The Cowboys (obvious), Eagles (T.O and McNabb love affair), Buccaneers (He thinks Jeff Garcia keeps checking him out... which I don't understand because Garcia has the hottest wife on the planet... back to the article Dray!!!), 49ers (If you don't know why then you need to catch up) and the Ravens (he acted like he was too good for the Ravens when traded there for a day before declining the trade. That, and Ray Lewis would kill him).

Now that is just five teams for certain, not counting the other 20 who just aren't willing to take the risk.

The ones that I think should take the risk are as follows: Chiefs, Broncos, Steelers and Colts.  Why do I have two of the better teams in the NFL you ask? Simple.

The Steelers have nothing to lose.  I am sure every last Steeler fan hates T.O, and it is understandable but this team can afford to take the risk.  They just won the last Super Bowl and are a contender every year. 

They sign him to a two-year contract with him knowing that he can be gone with the first slip up.  The Steelers have a great organization and no one like T.O. could mess that up, even if he tried. 

Let's say they give it a try and T.O. finally gets his winning team and a coach that can actually talk to him.  How many more Super Bowls could they put in front of them?

It's easy, one slip and your gone.  That is what happened with Randy Moss, now look at him.

The only reason I say the Colts is because of Peyton Manning.  Now Peyton Manning would probably laugh in my face for suggesting it, but I figured he is one of the only QB's whose accuracy is so amazing that you might not have to worry about T.O. ever throwing a tantrum. 

The exit of Harrison also helps entice. Plus, what is he going to do? Step up to Peyton? Please..next! One slip and your gone.

Broncos, you're on the clock.  You just pissed off Jay Cutler by acting like a system quarterback would be better then a gun slinging bad boy. Get real.

Your top receiver seems like he is not worried about jail time and you have a new coach.  Every new coach wants to make a good first impression. 

T.O. may have an attitude but you will never have to worry about him slapping up a stripper or doing a drive by.  If Marshall can stay our of trouble and you add T.O. to the other side with Royal as the speedy slot...I smell fire because the Broncos would burn down stadiums.

The laaaaand of the freeeeeee, and the home-of-the CHIIIIIIIIIEFS!  I still have nightmares from hearing that.  The Chiefs in my opinion would be the best fit for both sides.

They too have a new coach.  A coach who is a master of the passing game.  A coach who coached T.O. He also wants to make a good first impression.  The Chiefs just got a new quarterback who is going to want a big target.

Terrell and Bowe are a pretty good combo, not to mention Michael Crabtree (who they better draft with pick #3).  Give Crabtree someone to watch and grow from (physically, not mentally). 

Even Steve Young said that Terrell Owens challenged Jerry Rice's work ethics.  Show a rookie how to work, and you will build a superstar.  Maybe this also makes LJ happy, if not you can still trade him. 

Taking a team for third worst in the NFL to winning your division never looks bad on your resume.

In today's world, there has to be a hero and a villain.  Today's media can make anyone they want look like a good or a bad guy.  Not to say that T.O. isn't a bad guy or is a good guy... but he certainly is his own guy.

Sure him calling out quarterbacks and whining to the media is old but you can not deny that T.O. is a specimen.  Those four teams can afford to risk things.

P.S.: I didn't mention the Raiders because even though many think he is stupid, I do not think he is that stupid.