What In The Hellfire and Brimstone Happened to Kane?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2009

I have watched Kane spiral horribly out of control since the mask has come off several years ago and Kane is just well how you put it... HORRIBLE...and I feel that Kane needs to change his image going back, because what is going on now is not working.

Kane in 1997-2001 was probably when he was at his best. He was in his prime and I think that is the Kane we need to see again. Please put back on the mask.

Kane has had his chances to get a push and he had the biggest one that led him to a one-day WWE title reign.

Kane will have to do a lot to change the way he was like be Kane to start.

What we see today is not Kane; it's a guy that is big and bad but looks horrible, and that's why he is not getting the push of his career.

He is in Money in the Bank but unless McMahon is waiting 12 years to give him his big push, you can rest to sure Kane is not going to win MITB at WrestleMania.

His best matches have been with Taker and that's it; we know him in the wrestling world as Taker's brother, but how about this and I know this sounds crazy.

Make Kane more normal like make him wear suits like a professional the new and improved Kane and give him a name instead of Kane.

I think being normal would be good and different for Kane and the wrestling world to see.

Kane will not be a champion or get a push unless he gets an extreme makeover.

What do you think?

-Adrian Staehle