SEC Powers Shouldn't Worry Oklahoma Is Back in Race for 5-Star RB Greg Bryant

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 26, 2012


5-star running back Greg Bryant is one of the best backs in the country, so naturally there are a lot of schools vying for his attention.

There was a time when it appeared as if the Oklahoma Sooners were the lucky school of choice for Bryant back in March when he committed to them, but since then he has decommited and SEC powers like Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina and ACC powerhouse Florida State have found themselves on top of his interest list, followed closely by Alabama. 

It appears that somehow, someway, Oklahoma has worked its way back onto Bryant's radar, though, according to Bob Przybylo of

That still might be the case, but [Coach Cale] Gundy changed up the game again. Bryant said Gundy reached out to him in the last week, and the two spoke for more than 90 minutes.

“It was kind of shocking to hear from him again,” Bryant said. “All those memories started coming back to me. It was great talking with him again.”

Bryant said the Sooners are back in the race. He said he is going to take an official visit to OU sometime this season. He said he wants it to be during the season and that Gundy will let Bryant know when works best.

How worried should the big SEC schools feel about Oklahoma making its way back into the race for Bryant? I can give you the answer in three words: Not one bit.

First let's look at the distance factor.

Bryant is from Delray, Fla., which is a far cry from Big 12 country. Meanwhile, he's surrounded by SEC states that are much closer, whether it be Georgia, South Carolina or Alabama.

Second, Oklahoma already has a stud 5-star running back recruit for 2013 in Keith Ford. While competition is never a bad thing and two great backs are certainly a plus in today's era of football, why wouldn't Bryant want to go where he can be the legitimate star in the backfield? 

Neither Auburn or South Carolina have a back of Bryant's caliber featured in their 2013 classes. That gives them a huge advantage.

Finally, there's the fact that he decommited from Oklahoma. He's already mulled over the thought of playing with the Sooners, and just look at the end result—he decided it wasn't for him.

How many times does a player actually come back to the school that he decommited from? I don't know the exact statistics, but I can't imagine that they are high.

Sure, perhaps Oklahoma is trying to regain Bryant's attention, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't see them playing a factor in this recruiting race.

The SEC schools, specifically Auburn and South Carolina, have nothing to worry about.

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