UFC 153: Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2012

UFC 153: Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    On October 13, UFC 153 touches down in Brazil with stars gracing the cards in abundance.

    In one of the more underrated matchups, Brazilian sluggers Fabio Maldonado and Glover Teixeira will meet in the light heavyweight division. Both men are skilled strikers and will give the crowd a great fight.

    Here is a head-to-toe breakdown of their eventual meeting.


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    Both men are talented strikers, which will make this fight close.

    Fabio Maldonado, who was a professional boxer until 2010, was 22-0 in the ring. In MMA, he owns 12 wins by knockout, including knockouts of James McSweeney and Maiquel Falcao.

    He has good hand speed and a granite chin. His body shots are wicked, and are a very useful tool for the Brazilian slugger.

    Glover Teixeira, on the other hand, is a long-time mixed martial artist with sickening power in his hands.

    Trained by John Hackleman and Marco Ruas, and a training partner of Chuck Liddell, Teixeira has great ability in the striking game.

    He has 11 knockouts in his career over the likes of Marvin Eastman and Rameau Sokoudjou.

    Their styles are contrasting, but both guys are feared on their feet.

    Edge: Push


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    Neither man is what you would call a power wrestler, but Glover Teixeira does have above average wrestling chops.

    Working with Chuck Liddell and American wrestlers will definitely make you better. Participating in high-level grappling tournaments will help, too. Therefore, Teixeira will definitely be at an advantage in this department.

    Fabio Maldonado, on the other hand, doesn't wrestle.

    Edge: Teixeira


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    Both have high belt rankings in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Teixeira owns a black belt, while Maldonado owns a brown belt.

    Teixeira has competed at the highest level, participating in the ADCC submission grappling tournament. He rarely uses his submission grappling game in MMA because his hands are so good, but his UFC debut saw him arm-triangle Kyle Kingsbury in one round.

    Maldonado owns three submission wins, but he is at a tremendous disadvantage against Teixeira.

    Edge: Teixeira


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    Come fight night, expect a great bout between these two competitors.

    It should be a standup fight, like usual, and I don't expect it will go to the ground unless Teixeira gets uncomfortable with the technical prowess of Maldonado.

    Teixeira will tag Maldonado with multiple punches, but Fabio will move forward.

    Eventually, the damage will mount and Teixeira will drop him.

    He may finish it with strikes or find a submission on his stunned opponent.

    Prediction: Teixiera def. Maldonado via submission